iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Camera Comparison

Smartphones have diversified a great deal over the years and you will find that they are put to various uses, apart from simple communication.

One of the most common features used extensively is the camera. The camera offered by the smartphones is improving everyday and this is why we will compare the camera performance of iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5. Both these are high end models that have managed to impress users with their performance.

iPhone 5S – What It Has To Offer

When you look at the specifications on paper, you may not be impressed by the iPhone 5S. It comes with an 8 MP sensor, but there are significant improvements to the camera features. While the primary sensor remains the same, there are changes that will allow you to capture shots with greater clarity. The sensor has been enhanced from 1/3.2 to 1/3. This has led to an increase in pixel size from 1.4 microns to 1.5 microns. Owing to these changes, more light can enter the camera and thereby low light pictures will show significant improvements.

While users would have loved the inclusion of optical image stabilization, the software image stabilization allows you to suppress the blur and noise that accompanies the pictures clicked with shaky hands. While iPhone 5S does offer you commendable picture clarity, it leaves a lot to be desired. The camera is nowhere near perfect and the color tones could have been better.

You have various filters and apps to bring your captures to life. Ideally, the camera offered by iPhone 5S deserves a rating of 7.5 on 10.

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Stunning Camera

The Galaxy S5 has a 16 MP sensor which means that you can capture some dazzling shots. The focal length is 31 mm and it also has a 4K recording feature available too. It also comes with electronic image stabilization feature which helps in filtering the noise from pictures.

The HDR mode offered by Galaxy S5 is excellent too. Overall, if you compare both the models, you will find that the camera features offered by Galaxy S5 will have an upper hand over iPhone 5S. No doubt, Apple tries to make up for the lack of higher sensors by offering other useful features. Yet, Samsung seems to have come up with smarter configurations as well and those who have a fetish for photography are likely to pick Galaxy S5 over the iPhone 5S.

The Final Verdict

The brand power of Apple remains undisputed and it is one of the key reasons why the iPhones are so popular. iPhone 5S comes with a powerful camera with all the features you could ask for, but when you compare the same with the type of features Galaxy S5 offers, you will be left asking for more.

If you concentrate exclusively on the camera, Galaxy S5 will turn out to be the better alternative. However, when you look at other options, the decision could be tough because iPhone 5S does seem to have an upper hand and Apple continues to lead the race in the world of smartphones.

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