iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C – Seven Major Differences

Searching for a specific difference between Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C could be very tricky.

The most apparent difference between the two smartphones is that of color. However, all other differences between the two smartphones come in hardware. In order to understand how the two variants differ from one another and to help you make an informed decision, we have prepared a list of seven major differences between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C smartphones.

Processor Speed

The iPhone 5S comes equipped with a quicker processor than the 5C smartphone. iPhone 5S comprises of an Apple A7 CPU, whereas, the iPhone 5C derives power from an Apple A6 1GHz processor. The A7 is an updated version, which has more power in comparison to the A6 processor. The 64-bit chip, first in smartphone, as claimed by Apple, is the key behind A7’s power. It is due to 64-bit chipset, the A7 is able to process data much quicker than the 32-bit chip. In fact, the 64-bit chip processes data twice as fast as 32-bit chip. The A6 is fast, but the A7 makes the 5S variant quicker than the 5C smartphone.

Motion Co-Processor

The motion co-processor is a chipset that interacts with physical sensors of the iPhone such as gyroscope, compass and accelerometer. It provides the applications with updated feedback and various options. Apple’s iPhone 5S is the first smartphone by the company that comes equipped with a motion co-processor.


On the spec sheet, there is not much difference between the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C cameras. Both come with 8MP sensor and 1080p HD video recording. However, what the 5S comprises of under the hood, makes the smartphone special. The 5S camera provides the user with true to life colors with dual LED flash, burst mode to click as much as ten snaps per second and has the ability to record slow-motion videos. The 5C has a good camera, but does not offer such advanced features.

Fingerprint Scanner

The major difference between 5S and 5C is the Touch ID fingerprint scanner of the 5S smartphone. It provides the smartphone with exceptional, personal fingerprint security feature. If it is not you trying to unlock the phone, your phone is secure.

Storage Capacity

iPhone 5S comes with similar storage capacity as that of iPhone 5 smartphone – 64GB. It is enough for mass storage of songs, videos, apps and photos. In comparison, the 5C comes with 16GB and 32GB variants.


For those who were looking for a colorful smartphone, the 5C is the perfect option for you. It comes in various color options such as white, green, yellow, pink and blue. In comparison, the 5S comes in customary slate and gray option. The gold color is a new option for 5S smartphone, but the 5C offers more vibrant colorful panels.


iPhone 5C comes at a lower cost in comparison to the 5S variant. A two-year contract with Apple would cost around $99 for 16GB variant and $99 for 32GB variant. In comparison, the iPhone 5S would cost $199 for 16GB variant, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB variant when bought with a contract for two years with the company.


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