iPhone 5C vs Nexus 5 – Comparing Design and Display Specs

The smartphones are being updated with every passing year.

This has made it difficult for the potential buyer to choose the one suiting their requirements. Today, we compare features and specifications of iPhone 5C and Nexus 5 to help potential buyers make a well informed decision. The best one can do is to pick the most convenient operating system present in the market and verify when the last update was made to it. This would ensure the potential buyer picks the updated smartphone suiting their needs.

Design Specifications

The 5C is similar in design to its predecessor, at least in the first glance. The 5C comes in a variety of color options. However, the build quality is not solid. The device weighs 132 grams and stands 124.4mm x 59.2mm x 9mm in stature, breadth and thickness. The plastic body may provide a cheap feel to it. However, the hardware specs cover up the design lacuna. The A6 chipset of the company coupled with a dual core 1.3GHz processor is a treat to have. The processor comes with a RAM of 1GB.

In comparison, the Nexus 5 smartphone comes in a matte design, providing a sleek and stylish look. The device stands 137.9mm x 69.2mm x 9.2mm of stature, breadth and thickness. The difference is not much between the two devices. The weight of both these devices differs by mere 2 grams. The 5C weighs 132 grams in comparison to the 130 grams of Nexus 5 smartphone.

Display and Sound

In terms of display, the 5C comes with a 4 inches screen with 640×1136 pixels resolution offering a decent picture quality. The iPhone 5C offers robust sound quality letting the user enjoy a plethora of multimedia options.

The Google Nexus 5 provides the user with 4.95 inches of touchscreen having 1920×1080 pixels resolution for better viewing experience. The brightness of the device enables the user with great viewing experience under various light conditions. The sound quality is clear and powerful that makes the device great for watching videos, listening to music and playing games.

The 5C comes with a 1510 mAh battery offering a decent battery life. In comparison, the Nexus 5 comes equipped with a 2300 mAh battery unit offering similar battery life as that of the 5C. Both the devices offer up to ten hours of battery life.


The overall design of the 5C device is cheap as compared to the premium looking, stylish and chic design of the Nexus 5 smartphone.


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