iOS 8 vs Windows Phone 8.1 – Comparison of The Best Parts Of Both

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Best Windows Phone 8.1 Features

We can say that Microsoft has joined the party a little late, but they brought drinks so they’re forgiven. No idea what we’re talking about? We’re talking about the digital assistant party. Every company has one: Apple has Siri, Samsung has Galaxy, Google has Google Now and now Windows Phone 8.1 comes with Cortana. Cortana is a digital assistant which comes with the basic features of any assistant: creating notes, adding calendar appointments, making phone calls, setting alarms, sending texts, setting reminders and performing searches. Microsoft’s digital assistant is called Cortana after the AI construct in the Halo video game franchise.

The innovating feature Microsoft brought to its assistant is the “Notebook” which Cortana keeps. This Notebook basically stores all the information Cortana learns about you from the conversations you have like your favorite places to eat, where you go most often, what you like to do, etc. This will help Cortana give you the best answers. If you don’t want Cortana to keep a certain information about you, you can manage this Notebook and easily delete the information that you don’t want to be kept in there.

Best iOS 8 Features

We cannot deny that WWDC’s rockstar guest was the OS X from Apple, mainly because of the new programming language they have: Swift. But iOS 8 came with some very interesting features as well which will please any Apple fan out there. Some of these features might be thought of as borrowed from Android.

We’re talking about the new feature iOS 8 brings: Extensibility. We cannot deny the fact that Google brought this to the table before Apple did, but we sure love it that the company finally decided to join this boat. What extensibility basically does is that it lets apps connect and share data among each other to help for a better user experience, rather than the apps working on their own as we saw in previous iOS versions.

There are a lot of ways you can use this feature: you can sync your pedometer app with your diet app to keep track of the calories you burn. Another way you can use it, and this was demonstrated on stage by Apple, is that you can sync filters from a third party photography app to your phone’s own camera app or other photos apps you have in your phone, so you can use your filters in any context.

How Google Chrome is the default browser for Android, iOS has Safari. The extensibility feature won’t only give your apps the liberty of communicating, but it will also leave you with the option of adding extensions to your Safari browser like Bing Translate and more.


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