HTC One vs HTC Butterfly – Design and Display Compared

When it comes to smartphones, two names top the chart – Apple and Samsung.

However, with a plethora of companies releasing their upgraded smartphones into the market, the competition has just gone up. HTC has been making news in the recent past. The other smartphone companies raised concern with the release of HTC One and the HTC Butterfly smartphones. However, the two smartphones from HTC come in direct comparison with each other. Both these smartphones offer substance and not just a fashionable look. For now, let us compare the two smartphones for their design and display features.


Both the smartphones come equipped with large displays. It is one of the major features in terms of design for both these smartphones. The two front-facing speakers of the HTC One are a great feature, offering the user clear and definitive sound quality. The user-facing speakers go along well with the HTC One’s design. In comparison, the HTC Butterfly does not come equipped with two front-facing speakers. Instead, the HTC Butterfly falls in line with the company’s latest design philosophy. When compared to the recently released smartphones, the January 2013 released HTC Butterfly comes equipped with four touch-sensitive buttons, placed right below the display.


The HTC Butterfly incorporates a 5-inch display, which is comparable with most smartphones today. The 5-inch touchscreen has become a standard display for flagship smartphones in the present times. Considering the HTC Butterfly was released in January 2013, it must have given other smartphones a run for their money. The display comes with a full HD resolution.

In comparison, the HTC One incorporates a 4.7-inch display. The HTC Butterfly may have a better display than the HTC One smartphone, but the front facing speakers of the HTC One smartphone take away the initiative from the HTC Butterfly. In addition, the full HD resolution of the HTC One comes with a superior pixel density of 469-ppi, which offers a crisp and clear picture viewing experience to the user.

Both the smartphones incorporate beat audio feature. It enables the user to take advantage of the large displays on both the smartphones along with superior sound quality. However, the user-facing speakers of the HTC One offer superior sound quality than the HTC Butterfly smartphone. The company has won accolades for its front facing speaker feature that it started incorporating in its present high-end smartphones.


In terms of price, the HTC One 32GB variant is priced at $390 whereas the HTC Butterfly is presently available at a price of $329.


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