HTC One Max vs LG G Flex – Comparison of Design, Display and Pricing

The LG G Flex has been a prized possession of the LG Electronics.

The phablet comes in direct comparison to some of the finest devices in the mobile industry. One such device is the HTC One Max, which is a bigger version of the company’s flagship smartphone. Let us compare the two smartphones to determine how they fare against each other in terms of their design and display.


In terms of design, the LG G Flex comes with a matchless and mysterious design. We have not seen anything similar so far, to what the phablet offers to its user. In terms of quality and class, the HTC One Max offers a decent design. It comes equipped with a brushed aluminum casing. The LG G Flex is luxurious and indestructible at the same time. The G Flex comes with the ability to retain its figure even after the smartphone has been flattened.

However, the HTC One Max has a premium build quality and design. In addition, the self-healing feature of the LG G Flex casing works wonders for the smartphone. It can disguise external scratches with ease.

On the other hand, the HTC One M8 design offers a premium element to the potential user.


The G Flex encompasses a 6-inch display, with a resolution of 720p. The screen comes with a pixel density of 245-ppi. The P-OLED display of the G Flex is flexible and can bear minor pressure with ease. The screen comes with shatterproof glass, in case; the smartphone is flattened or dropped accidentally. The sturdiness of the screen is the major drawing factor of the smartphone’s display.

Unfortunately, the screen of the G Flex is not as sharp or offers good visibility such as the HTC One Max smartphones screen. The One Max comes with a 5.9-inch S-LCD 3 panel display having a resolution of 1080p and offers a pixel density of 373-ppi. In addition, the G Flex display suffers a banding look when the brightness is reduced to 50% or less. In comparison, the HTC One Max offers a high level of sharpness and crispness to the user.


In terms of price, the HTC One Max is available at a price of $650. In comparison, the LG G Flex comes at a price of $750. Despite both the smartphones coming with flexible features, does not necessarily mean that the smartphones would come at a flexible price as well.


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