HTC One M8 vs HTC One E8 – Top Plastic vs Aluminum Comparation

The HTC One M8 has recently estimated itself as one of the 2014 premier-flagships. Besides its great look with an attractive design, the device also comes with an outstanding camera system that has an amazing feature to focus after the photo was taken. Take off these features and, as it seems, you still have a whopping handset that is challenging other, more expensive reliable phones.

There’s a huge group of fans who really love the HTC One M8’s design of aluminum. Indeed, a lot of people consider the look of the phone as a top one, but not everyone is interested in the material, though. Thankfully the One M8 is so much more than a nice look, because the device also provides a great software specs and excellent Boom Sound speakers.

The HTC One E8 is only purchasable in select markets in other countries. Hence, the device is still a very fascinating one for what it provides, and also it is a reputable alternative to HTC’s all the rage One M8. Differently it has a polycarbonate panel, but its style and the design are still similar to the M8 with the amazing ergonomics. Some of the users prefer the soft touch feel of the E8 rather than the M8, which make its design certainly a top device.

Both the phones, the M8 and E8 are very similar in many ways. They have the same size of the displays of 5-inch and both are Full HD (441 PPI). The OS for the two devices is Android 4.4.2. and the internal storage can be extent up to 128 GB with micro SD card, meanwhile the both devices house a Snapdragon 801 processor bundled with 2 GB of RAM. Basically the two phones are having the same interior and different exterior design.

Thus, the One E8 does not provide a duo-camera system, but it has an amazing 13 MP camera sensor. This normal sensor provided by the E8 is actually an upgrade for some people in contrast to the UltraPixel technology introduced with the One M8, because that feature is not preferably for the outdoor experiences; it is great for capturing good photos in low light conditions.

The camera unit in the E8 is developed to rectify the One M8’s flaws, providing a better quality and it lets you to crop your picture when want. Indeed, the feature to focus a picture after it was taken is amazing, but there is Google’s camera app, available in the Google Play store, which enables you to achieve the same result.

The One M8 and One E8 are much alike, but these two devices do differ in some key points. Even without the aluminum rear panel and Duo camera there are many other great features to enjoy. Which one of the two HTC handsets is more suitable for you?


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