HTC Desire 816 vs Sony Xperia T2 Ultra – Detailed Specs, Features and Price Comparison

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Both these devices are placed in the mid-range area of the smartphone market, sharing not only similar specs, but also close release dates. The Xperia T2 Ultra was launched on the market by Sony shortly, in a matter of days after Taiwan tech giants HTC have launched their own mid-range phablet device, the HTC Desire 816. This is going to be a tough comparison because they have similar specifications, such as both phones come with very large displays and quad core processing units, but by the ends of this article we will surely have a winner.

HTC Desire 816

Alongside the fairly reasonable RAM memory for a mid-range device, which is 1.5 GB in this case, the HTC Desire 816 packed a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processing unit, clocked at 1.6 GHz. The screen, liked specified earlier, is quite large, 5.5 inches to be more specific. For this display, HTC has decided to use the Super LCD2 technology. In terms of internal memory, the Desire 816 is not doing fantastic, but it could have been worse. It comes with 8GB of internal memory, and the possibility of adding up to 128 more GB through a microSD card. In the camera department, however, this device is pretty confident, with a 13 MP camera rocking in the back, and a front facing lens with no less than 5 MP. Needless to say, the back camera features a Flash LED.

The device has a few connectivity options such as WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, LTE, 3G and GPS, which are powered, like everything else in the phone, for that matter, by the added 2600 mAh battery which packs enough juice for the whole day.

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

The Xperia T2 Ultra is the successor of the Xperia T, and features dual SIM capabilities. It was released especially for the Indian market, and has similar specifications to the Desire 816. It also has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, just like the HTC, but it’s clocked at just 1.4 GHz, compared to the Desire 816’s processor, which is clocked at 1.6 GHz. It also has less RAM than the Desire 816, just 1 GB, compared to its opponent’s 1.5 GB. The display of the device is where the Xperia T2 Ultra takes the lead, with a huge 6 inch display, bigger than the 5.5 inch display on the HTC device. Upon its release, it featured Android Jelly Bean out of the box and seems to have what it takes for Android KitKat.

It has a 13 MP camera on the back, equipped with Flash, and a 1.1 shooter on the front side. The battery is huge in comparison with the 2600 mAh battery of the HTC Desire 816, let alone on its own, as it stores no less than 3600 mAh. The Sony device comes with all the connectivity options the HTC unit offers, except LTE.


Deciding between these two phones proves to be easier than expected. It really just comes down to what you are more interested in. If you are interested in specs for the most part, the HTC device is the clear choice for you, while the T2 Ultra would be a better fit if you just want the phone with the biggest screen and battery.


The HTC Desire 816 Dual Sim costs 384 dollars on Amazon while Xperia T2 Ultra can be found at the price of 340 dollars on the same website.


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