Halo 5 Guardian – A Massive and Exciting Game

Exclusively for Xbox One

Halo 5 Guardians, is the new Halo game announced at E3 2014.

The game is the confirmed title by 343 Industries and it will be exclusively available for the Xbox One platform during the autumn of 2015. 343 Industries are the ones who developed Halo 4 and though it was originally rumored that Halo 5 would be released this year, it is now pushed to the next year. Halo 5 will take complete advantage of the specifications seen in Xbox One. It will also be the first game of the series that will run at 60 frames per second.

Pushing the Xbox Forward

All Halo games have pushed the Xbox forward and have taken full advantage of the features. The Halo games have always managed to showcase the Xbox along with its entertainment ecosystem in novel ways. The developers claim that the game runs at 60 fps on dedicated servers. The scope, the features and the scale of the new Halo 5 are things that the developers have been dreaming about, for the last decade. The team at 343 Industries has taken up this task on a very serious basis and will offer a Halo game that fans will love. They propose to offer a game that is built from the scratch to suit the Xbox One features.

New Character

Halo 5 Guardians will come with a new Spartan, having a blue visor. It was originally considered to be the robotic version of Sarah Palmer or of Cortana, taken from Halo 4. However, it has been confirmed by the executive producer of 343 Industries, Josh Holmes, that the character is a brand new one and is being seen in the Halo title for the first time in Halo 5. Holmes tweeted on May 16th this year that for those who had been speculating regarding the mysterious Spartan of Halo 5, it is an entirely new character and not Palmer or Cortana.

A Much Bigger Scale

It is also claimed by 343 Industries that Halo 5 will be presented on a larger scale when compared to the predecessor, Halo 4. The effort put in Halo 5 is much more than that in Halo 4, with regard to the content of the game as well as its scope and the technology used. The technology is a very modern one and the engine is much more powerful in this case. However, there are some basic elements that have been brought over from the preceding games in the series. Yet, a lot of effort has been put in for retooling the technology. This ensures that the game will be able to take full advantage of the hardware and the ecosystem found in Xbox One, resulting in the creation of worlds, along with experiences that are worthy of the next generation. The Halo universe presents a boundless universe and the latest game aims at unlocking this potential, with this game that comes to the Xbox One, for the first time.

Prominent Location

Sometime during the early part of 2014, 343 Industries had released an art sketch, which was actually a teaser related to the prominent location of the game. The concept art revealed was indicated as being a kind of exploration of a location, which appears quite prominently in the game project they were tinkering with, according to 343 Industries. John Holmes, Executive Producer, stated that they were proud of their accomplishment in Halo 4 and were focusing on making the next game more transformative, with the new Xbox generation, the Xbox One. He, however, did not offer any more details or information related to the concept art or how the new location would feature in Halo 5.

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