GTA 6 Xbox One and PS4 Release Date Speculations With Surprising Characters

After the release of the GTA 5 for Xbox 360 and Ps3, Rockstar is still in progress working on the new versions of the game for the PS4 and Xbox One, which are awaited this year in fall.

In currently reports, the company related that the next game is most probably going to be released in 2017.

Thus, the developers of the GTA said that the Grand Theft Auto 6 might have a surprise release for its fans as the president of Rockstar North reported that the next version of the game will be with the ideas they currently have.

As it was interviewed by Develop, Benzies related that the game creators have ideas for 45 years worth. He also added that they have ideas but they do not know for certain how the game is going to look like. However, the producers have primary concern over the planned GTA Online before the GTA 6 or anything else.

Also Benzied added that the entire company is now focused on the GTA online and there is no leisure for them, furthermore that they have to pick right some other stuff, including DLC. There are some flowing rumors on the Internet about the location for the next installation of the game. It could be London, Paris or Brazil, or even the city of sin, Las Vegas.

The co-founder of Rockstar, Dan Houser, reported his thoughts on the future of the game, in an interview with Gamerant in the meantime of the GTA V release.

The company related that the next game will not be limited to what it has been before; also changes of the settings will be impossible. In addition, they said that at this moment Grand Theft Auto’s DNA seems to be a modern, with Americaish and Englishish speaking, but this is what has been done by now and it will not be limited to those.


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