GTA 6 Release Date Set in Vice City With New Characters

Rumors are telling that a 6th installment in the “Grand Theft Auto” game would appear, after some attractive findings. Recently, some people have claimed that the future game GTA 6 will introduce a female character, who will be set in the familiar-settings of Vice City.

A report about Rockstar Games and their grounds, fixes them as only dedicated to Gta-Online. Leslie Benzies, the Rockstar Games president, suggested in press that their newest game has been modified to Vice City from Liberty City as many other things.

Benzines reported that the team has ideas for the game that are worth 45 years, but they don’t know yet how GTA 6 is going to be.

After that, he explained they want for the future to create a big world formed by all their cities and the player could be able to fly between the cities and visit their favorite areas whenever they want. He added that reimagining Vice City is very exciting.

Thus, Benzines elaborated that re-visiting Vice City might not be so easy to achieve. The Miami city is so epic in the 80’s that it would be odd to re-visit it in another time course.

Besides that, there are rumors that GTA 6 is expected to have other locations platforms. The eventual locations for GTA 6 are the followings: Brazil,London, Paris, Las Vegas (Las Venturas) and many others.

But then, the writer of GTA V, Dan Houser, has reported that the upcoming game will not take a foothold in London due to a previous title of the 1999’s game Grand Theft Auto London 1969. This would probably also exclude cities as Paris, Las Vegas and Brazil likewise.

Dan Houser, in addition, disclosed that the new GTA game might have a female leading protagonist  than a male one, on the condition that the situation and the settings were fitting. When he was asked about this he replied that they definitely will have a female character, but they have not figure out yet how it will be the perfect game for it and how will exactly work.

At this moment, the official launching date of the GTA 6 is not known and it‘s likely to come out soon.



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