GTA 6 Release Date in 2017? What Does Rockstar Think?

While GTA V is ready to be launched this fall for the next generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and for Windows PC as well, and some official statements from Rockstar Games hint that the GTA VI might be released in 2017.

For now, the developers are not sure in which “direction” they will go with this upcoming game.

Leslie Benzies, the president of Rockstar North, said that the developers have a lot of options when it comes to GTA 6 and that the company has about “45 years worth of ideas we want to do”. In the same time, Benzies stated that they don’t have any idea on how GTA VI will look like, but he’s sure that it will be something awesome.

However, GTA VI is still in stand by mode, because Rockstar is focusing on improving the GTA Online at the moment. Benzies confirmed by saying that GTA Online is the main priority for Rockstar North. In parallel, they will need to work on some DLCs and other GTA V related issues, so they must make great efforts to please everybody.

In the same time, speculations already appeared all over the internet about the possible locations that will be used for the upcoming GTA VI. The locations could be New York, London, Paris, Brazil or even Las Vegas, but these are just speculations, we don’t have anything official, yet.

The Grand Theft Auto fans will have to wait for Rockstar to reveal more details about one of the most anticipated games which is GTA VI.


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