GTA 5 Xbox One Release Date – PC and PS4 Upgrade

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According to this week reports, the new versions of GTA V for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation4 might be launched in 2015.

In the E3 conference from June, Rockstar games related that it will get the title the platforms in this autumn, but the official launching date is not yet known.

In this week rumors, there has been some about a lack of a launching date might imply Rockstar to push the releasing of the game back until next year.

To CVG the producer and editor, James Jarvis, reported that the game could not roll out this fall due to the lack of previews, which has no official word. In the PlayStation Universe he also said that they want to promote the game a few months before launching the game and it is not much left of this year. If there is not any publicity about the upcoming GTA V, certainly the new versions for PC, Xbox One and PS4 won’t appear so soon, and it is a big possibility it will be released next year.

The producer added that last year, more specifically on 31st of January 2013, was the first hint about the next game, which makes full 8 months before it was released.

Grand Theft Auto V for PS3 and Xbox One was launched last year in September.

There are some screenshots that went viral, which is showing the launching date of the game for November 7 and November 14. Rockstar recently announced that they are still fixing bugs for the delayed 1.16 parch for GTA online.

It was also added there is going to be an event in the weekend including the DLC flight school, which appeared with the 1.16 patch.

Rockstar posted on its newswire that on 22nd and 24th August, the time has come for flight as The San Andreas Flight School Event Weekend starts in GTA online.  In these three days there will be huge  RP & GTA $ bonuses, giveaways, important price-cuts from an area of San Andreas local businesses, an unique  parachute-pack unlock for the game, outstanding competitions, and more as you enjoy the all new G-suit pounding the Flight school content action that divides the Mavericks from the Whiskey Deltas forever.



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