GTA 5 Update 1.16 Available with Gorgeous Heists DLCs and Top Features

Close to the release date of 1.16 update for Grand Theft Auto V Online, the fans recommended to Rockstar producers to have a better upgrade for the game by adding and making some modifications for the missing things.

In addition, a leak for the weapons came up for the next Heists DLC. Some weapons that are conspicuously features include Flare guns and Thermite bomb.

On 22 and 24 August it was scheduled two interested events for GTA V Online with the titles: Weekend Double RP respectively Double GTA Money Event.

19th August this year was the release date for the update 1.16, that get the San Andreas Flight school with flight suits, parachutes, helicopter, aircrafts, and a roster.

Flight School – A Fan Wish-list for the 1.16 Update

The Rockstar producers was asked by a youtuber, named NoahJ456, in his video to make some certain changes for the latest 1.16 update of GTA V Online with some new features.

  1.  It is a must to add a reserve parachute that can be usable more than one time. The current one doesn’t refresh automatically after the players have used it for the first time. For the second time they are in need to get it from Ammu- Nation.
  2.  Another feature for this update should be a clothing one because currently only one piece of the clothing is available, the flight suits. The producers must offer all the clothes that are in the San Andreas Flight School trailer, including military pants, dog tags, captain outfits for the variety.
  3.  Hydra Get was expected to be in the new update of the game just a day before the 1.16 update release. It was a great rumor for the 1.16 update, and many fans have named the new update as Hydra Jet DLC. Unluckily, when the update was launched there wasn’t Hydra Jet. It would make the game more enjoyable if the Hydra Jet was included in the game.
  4.  The latest update should definitely have many more guns added.
  5.  The Flight School DLC has a high price, valuing six million in GTA money. If the player wants to purchase everything in DLC he will fork out eight million in GTA money in the game.

Weapons Leak – Heists DLC

Another YouTuber, namely DomisLive, has revealed in one of his videos some leaked details about the possibility of a new next update for the – named 1.17 update for “Grand Theft Auto V Online”. These guns might roll out with Heists DLC since the Thermite Bomb has is able to burn under water and to melt metal.

  • ACR Assault Rifle
  • Unknown Assault Rifle
  • Thermite Bomb
  • Flare Gun – in various colors

Limited Edition Double Money, Double RP and Crate Drops in Flight School DLC

Accordinf to the youtuber NoahJ456, those who are joining the two events for the 1.16 update in this weekend, will receive double RP, double GTA money and a unique parachute. Also, not of great use are the free heli plane and the discounted heli pick-up.

In addition, the properties are reduced with 25 % – Del Perro Heights, the apartment 7 and 20.

Likewise, the event Crate drops will provide more GTA money, RP bonuses and weaponry, which is not so exciting.

Also, the users are likely to win 11 million in GTA money and an aviation license plate if they take pictures with the #flightschool.

Special Parachute Bag

Chr0m3xMoDz on YouTube has related in a short video that the Rockstar will offer the “Special High Flyer Parachute Bag” to players who join the Weekend Event and complete the playlist of San Andreas Flight School Event, which will take place on 22th and 24th August.

After they fulfilled it they have headed to Ammu-Nation. The High Flyer Parachute Bag will be free and the players can get it from the inventory, in Interaction Menu.


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