GTA 5 Single Player DLC – Rumor or Fact?

The PS4 is no doubt one of the best gaming consoles out there.

Rockstar has been working hard on creating the perfect game for this next gen gaming console and has succeeded to a large extent; case in point – GTA 5. With the game already massively popular among gaming enthusiasts, it is no wonder the rumor mill is churning extra hard to deliver fresh speculation about the game every now and then.

DLC for GTA 5

The latest rumor, points to the possibility of the release of some DLC, which will only be released for the PS4. The good news is that popular titles like GTA do not usually have very exclusive content. If some DLC is indeed in the offing, there is a good chance that it will only be a timed exclusive, which will be made available to all other platforms, after some time.

Zombies in GTA 5?

In another interesting speculation, some avid fans have found coding in GTA’s source which leads to a possibility of the introduction of zombies in GTA 5. A string called main_ZBM in the game’s source may refer to zombies. It may also refer to a million other things, but since there is no clarity on this, the forums are abuzz with rumors of a never before possible zombie attack in GTA. Some players are of the opinion that the string could possibly refer to some content which was originally planned to be part of the game, but never found its way into the final release. Whatever the reality of this rumor, right now, we all have to take it with a pinch of salt.

Other Possible DLCs

Most of the rumors about GTA 5 are really originating in the game forums. Some of the players believe that Rockstar is planning to add some of the censored or cut content into a single player DLC. The rumor of a Casino DLC, which has already been doing rounds for some time, also finds mention in the forums. This means that players are still expecting the casino DLC to eventually turn up. If the source code is to be believed or understood correctly, there may be some new IAA missions and more than one casino DLC.

What’s the Truth?

The truth, really, is anybody’s guess. Most of the rumors surrounding GTA 5 are based only on speculation, backed by little evidence. How far can you really understand what goes on behind the scenes or what the terms used in the source code really mean? Just by studying the source code, it is really difficult to make any educated guesses about what the developers have been planning for the game. Though just like the players, we too hope that Rockstar does end up making some of the speculated DLCs, because they really do sound like a lot of fun. GTA 5 is set to release in the fall this year and only then players will really know what can be expected of the game. Stay tuned for more information and updates about the game.

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