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The weekend of the 22nd to 24th August saw the announcement of the San Andreas Flight School by Rockstar, and it promised Double RP bonuses and Money.

GTA players stood a chance of winning double the GTA money for all the air races and parachute jumping events. Here are some RP bonuses and money cheats learned from past weekends.

Double the RP bonus

If you think that you have enough guts to risk flying in air races below bridges you might actually win twice as much RP just for the effort.

GTA Money and Gang Attack RP

You will have the chance of joining special attack missions that take place either in Grapessed, Sandy Shores or international airport hangar airfields. You can do this to earn double RP and GTA money for killing.

High Flyer Parachute, Exclusive Unlockable

Once you have participated in this weekend event, you will be required to go to get your prize at Ammu Nation. The prize is a High Life Parachute bag. You can later on get it from the interaction menu’s inventory.

Double Your GTA Money for Air Races and Parachute Jumps

In the new Flight School mission, you will have awesome flight skills you could use to do parachute jumping and perform air races all for earning twice the GTA money.

Aviation Services and Luxury Properties Unique Discounts

You will benefit from a unique 25% discount off luxury properties like 0120 Murrieta Heights and Del Perro Heights 7 and 20 apartments. You will also have a high-end garage that can handle 10 cars. So you can collect all exotic rides such as the Invetero Coquette Classic. In this weekend event you will also have free aviation services. This includes the ability to locate helicopters and planes from Lester. Users can hire the Merryweather copper pickup services at half-price and get to enjoy that ride.

Additional Benefit Crate Drops

Crate Drops give you RP bonuses, bonus money, RPGs, Sticky bombs and mini-guns the entire weekend. Players can find these resources as they fall from the skies.

Flightschool Snapmatic

During this weekend Flight School DLC event, players who take five interesting photos stand a chance of winning one MILEHIGH license plate and money – a million in GTA money for the whole GTA online ride. Also, these prizes will be publicly shown on Newswire for free. To be part of this content, login to the Rockstar Social Club, hash tag the photos FIGHTSCHOOL (#FLIGHTSCHOOL).

Flightschool Creator Competition

There will be challenging air races and aviation missions on the collection for Rockstar Verified Jobs. Those who create selected missions will be presented with a million in GTA money and a one of its kind aviator license plate.

PC Release date

Some months back, it was rumored that the game would be released later in 2014. It has now been confirmed that it will actually be released in the last quarter of 2014. The company also announced that they now have an official website where gamers can preorder this GTA version so as to be the first ones to play it.



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