GTA 5 Release Dates for PC and Next Gen Consoles Announced

This New Year brings a lot of reason to cheer with it, especially for GTA fans.

GTA’s most anticipated title of all times, GTA 5, has been slated for release on 31 December, 2014. The great news for PC gamers is that the PC release of the game, which was earlier considered to be a rumor, has been confirmed by Rockstar games. Though GTA 5 has already been launched last September, it only came out for PS3 and Xbox 360. Later, Rockstar promised to work on a GTA 5 for PC gamers and users of Xbox One and PS4 too.

The Wait is Over

Gamers, who do not posses PS3s and Xbox 360s, have been eagerly awaiting the release of the game, on the next gen consoles. Only a few months ago, it was rumored that the game would be launched in the last quarter of the year and here, Rockstar is confirming them. In addition to everything else, the company has also finally released an official website for gamers who want to preorder the game and be the first ones to play it.

Recent Reports

Rockstar recently released some footage from the expected game. Gamers, who had been eagerly awaiting official news on GTA 5, finally got to know that the game will feature a lot of horses. There will be police radios and perhaps a cops and criminals mode as well. There will be some focus on flying as well, through the San Andreas Flight School. Here, you will be able to fly jets and helicopters. You will have a sharp pilot’s uniform at your disposal too. This would be in addition to bigger and better rewards which will be available after the culmination of each mission.

System Requirements

The fact that a team from Vancouver is working on GTA 5, is unnerving a lot of gamers. This is the same team that worked on Max Payne 3, making it one of the most elite games of its time and also making it a game that required a very high system’s configuration. This means that the GTA 5 may not work on any PC you want. In fact, if rumors are to be believed, Rockstar may have a harder time than it had, with GTA 4, for PCs. GTA 4 came with such high system requirements that it was almost impossible to run it on even slightly dated PCs. It required very high configurations and the latest technology, to run it. The same may be the case with GTA 5 too.

In any case, the good news still remains. Since technology keeps upgrading, there would hardly be any gamers who would expect upcoming titles to run on dated PCs anyway. The serious gamers are always one step ahead of developers and are always equipped with the latest technologies. For the Xbox One and PS4 owners, the game is going to be spectacular, because these next gen consoles are designed to give you bigger and better gaming experiences. So there is still reason to rejoice for every GTA fan.

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