GTA 5 Rape Mod Is Offensive, Rockstar Stays Aloof

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The Grand Theft Auto series has often been associated with obscene mods, most of them pertaining to sex and dating.

The Hot Coffee mod in GTA San Andreas was less offensive compared to the rape mod that someone has come up with in recent times. GTA 5 is one of the most played games of recent times and even though it has not been launched on the PC yet, players have been complaining that some characters have the capability to attempt a rape. The bad part is that once the act begins, no one can stop them, which leaves the players vulnerable and unable to do anything except to wait for it to end.

It is quite offensive and even though it is being committed in a virtual world, it clearly indicates that a lot of perverts are going online to satisfy their cravings. Reports reveal that majority of the targeted characters are female avatars but there are some incidents as well where male avatars are being subjected to rape. It’s a mod that never had an official release yet and from what people report, it looks like it is being circulated within a community.

User Complaints

GTA 5 hosts GTA Online, the multiplayer version of the game which is getting crowded every day even though the game is only available on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 at the moment. Once it launches on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4, we expect a whole lot of new gamers to join the community but with increasing population, there are going to be some crude mods as these. The PC is much comfortable when it comes to creating mods and if they could make it on consoles, we hope Rockstar would intervene and start monitoring people who abuse their game.

Users took to reddit to file their complaint and notify the game developers of this mod. They said that you can do nothing once he starts committing the act and the worst part is that once everything gets over, the avatar will start strip dances right in the middle of the road or wherever it takes place. Professional coders believe that the hackers who managed to create this mod had altered the game code in such a way that the characters are immobilized once the act starts. These rapists not only abused the game system but have also recorded their exploits and posted it online for others to see.

Rockstar Is Silent

As the developers of the game Rockstar is completely blind eyed to this issue, some players have joined groups and have started attacking potential rapists even before they could commit the sin. GTA 5 has a banning system in place to identify and punish those who use cheats in the multiplayer mode. It doesn’t seem to be affecting this rape mode so far and Rockstar didn’t take any steps to curb them despite so many user complaints. The game is already ridden with heists, racism, and sexual references which have reached a pinnacle with the launch of the Rape mod, which we hope gets taken down soon.

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