GTA 5 PC, PS4 and Xbox One Release Date Delays

Rockstar is one of the most secret game development companies in the gaming industry that loves to keep silent till the very end and sometimes they reveal no news which annoys fans to the core.

Grand Theft Auto is an immensely popular franchise that got millions of fans around the globe. When it got launched on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 last year, it made over one billion in revenue and sold millions of copies.

It was a grand success and one of the important reasons for such sales is that the studio knowingly stopped it from getting released on the PC as well as the new generation consoles Xbox One and Playstation 4. It was presumed that it is never going to come out but during E3 2014, Sony’s press conference served stage for the announcement. A new trailer was released which confirmed that the game is indeed coming to the new generation consoles as well as PC in 2014 but it looks like we are in for a wild ride now. The game has had no further updates so far in the past few months and with barely three to four months to go, fans have already started wondering whether this is another postponed title that will come out in 2015.

Delayed Release Is the Trend

In recent times, delaying a game release is the most preferred trend. Publishers claim that it is the development team that has not been delivering their promise whereas people who create the game say publishers forced them to make announcements even before the actual product is ready. Game titles including The Witcher 3, Battlefield Hardline, Evolve, The Division, Batman Arkham Knight among a dozen others are now scheduled to come out in early 2015. It won’t be surprising if GTA 5 joins the list soon because every other sign points to the same. Any game release will be accompanied with good publicity few weeks earlier because it boosts sales and makes sure people are aware of the upcoming release. But, Rockstar has been doing no such thing except for the only trailer that we have got so far.

GTA Online

The developers of GTA 5 are definitely busy with the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 edition of the game. The GTA Online, the multiplayer component of the game is receiving multiple updates with the San Andreas Flight School being the latest. It adds a whole lot of new airplanes and flights to the game which players can ride while performing some insane stunts. There is also the Online Heists which is yet to receive a release date. It is one of the most anticipated DLCs for GTA 5 which Rockstar has promised to deliver but delayed it and is supposed to make sure it comes out before 2014 ends.

With so much commitment to players who have already purchased the game and the pressure to release three different versions at the same time in four months, the company is in a stressful moment without a doubt. If they are planning to ensure quality, they might just postpone it unless the game is already ready and just awaits a release date announcement.

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