GTA 5 Online – Upcoming Army DLC Leaked

It seems that Rockstar is preparing for the Veterans Day celebration from November 11, and there is some leaked information about an upcoming Army DLC.

In concordance with a well known YouTube tipster, Chr0m3xMoDz, new details about the Army DLC came to light via the leaked game source code from the 1.16 update.

In a YouTube video, iCrazyTeddy and DomisLive have talked about the details of the leaked information about the Army DLC.

Vertical Flight Mode

In concordance with the leaked information found on the source code for the 1.16 update, it seems that Vertical Flight mode will come to the game, a mode that will allow you to switch between normal flight mode and hover mode in GTA Online.

9 Army Face Paints

Looking more in the source code for 1.16 update, there is a line that says something like this: “if mparmy exists make 9 army face paints available to purchase”. With other words, the client will check if the Army DLC pack is installed on your PC or console and if it is, the 9 face paints feature will be unlocked on GTA Online.

Army DLC release date speculation

The DLC is related to Army and as we know Rockstar usually brings a patch to its games when a real life event is coming. As we all know, the Veteran Day will be celebrated on November 11, which is in a Tuesday. According to Dom, Rockstar will most likely continue its tradition by celebrating these kinds of national events in GTA Online, as they did with the Independence Day.

GTA 5 on the next-generation consoles

GTA 5 on the next-generation consoles will be surely more fun to play because it will come with way better graphics and gameplay elements. According to new rumors, GTA 5 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be released in 2015, but nobody knows on which month will happen.


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