GoPro Hero 4 Release Date, Specs and True Power

The launching date of The GoPro Hero 4 has been uncover! See in this article what are the features and specifications of this new GoPro camera.

Those GoPro cams are especially great for capturing actions movements like those in extreme sports. The GoPro is considered an amazing phenomenon in photography of sports. The cameras can be used in a series of conditions, even the bad ones, in all atmospheres, in the water, air or earth. The camera is amazingly lightweight, reaching less than 100 g and it has a particular attachment for actions which include boards, cars, windsurfing, skip poles. The exciting part is that you can share your captions and achievements through video clips in 4K quality.

In a world that technology has surprised everyone the GoPro Hero 4 sparked bustle and a lot of thrilling. The speculations about this one are that the camera will have a lot of powerful and original features that will make it an extraordinary device.

The GoPro Hero 3 had an A7 chip, while the GoPro Hero 4 is having an A9 chip. The previous camera had 4K video features on a 15 frames persecond rate and as GoPro Hero 3 has the , 1080p60 camera soc with A7 hybrid DV/DSC, Hero 4 comes updated to the A9. At present, there is no other camcorder that is able to shoot 4K videos, at the rate of 30 frames/second. Plus, the A9 of the latest GoPro will be able to capture at 1080p on the rate of 120 frames/second and to 720p at the rate of 240 frames/second. This will make it the ideal camera to invest in, for taking recordings in slowmotion, in the water and and other extreme situations.

We’ll see if the speculations are right in the moment of the releasing. The 4K features of A9 were advertised in the firth month of 2014, so it may go well out for the GoPro Hero 4. Thus, when the chip wil be upgraded the price will be raised likewise. GoPro surely can handle the form of the camera because it has to be extended because of the new characteristics. The bit rate will also be affected, being low with the high quality of the recording.

It’s amazing that The GoPro Hero 4 is a waterproof device. The camera takes videos under the water with 60 meters deep. The flat lens is making this possible. Moreover, The GoPro Hero 4 has a WiFi module with more other apps that you can use to make your photos gorgeous. For sharing and uploading videos more easily it has an HDMI port and an USB enables the connection with any other device. Another important feature is the much more powerful processor, it has two Cortex-A9 cores, with A9 Ambarella chip, clocked at 1 GHz, however represents a significant improvement, which makes the new version to be much more efficient than its successor.

It is surprising that for the new camera they’ve worked since the release of GoPro HERO 3, the aim being that the new gadget launched exactly one year later to be a powerful gadget with many features for the pictures to be perfect, with this camera anyone could be called a professional photographer.

It is said that the GoPro Hero 4 will the best cameras in the market. The release date of GoPro Hero 4 is established on March 2015.

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