GoPro Hero 4 Release Date in October With Better Processor and Resolution

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The GoPro camera is a small, lightweight, robust device for capturing action or movement photos and also videos. Nowadays this device is all the rage for those who love extreme activities like surfing, rock climbing, skateboarding or many other outdoor sports. The GoPro camera provides the capacity to catch every interesting moment.

The company has already launched some of their products, and the latest product is the GoPro Hero 3. An upcoming camera is awaited to be release this October, namely the GoPro Hero 4.

The Hero 3 was bundled with an ARM A7 chip, while the GoPro Hero 4 will supposedly have a new Cortex A9 processor, packed with an FPU accelerator. The new upgraded processor will probably allow the device to make captions and videos with a resolution of 4K. For the new camera videos will be likely in 30fps, while with the latest device video capturing is at 15fps.

Certainly, the new Hero 4 will be also able to record at a reduced resolution, but it will be in a higher frame speed: 720p at 240fps/ 1080p at 120fps. This option will enable the users to make videos in full HD with smooth frame rates, mainly in high speed activities.

The upcoming GoPro will probably come out with an amazing new photo sensor of 13 MP, which will let the camera users to capture photos and make videos in the dark. This will be very helpful for those who do extreme activities in late night, especially the high speed drives.

Some great features like water resistance and the rugged built of the latest Hero 3 will be passed on to the new Hero 4. However, the new specifications of the Hero 4 will certainly upgrade the price by default and the device will be more expensive than previous product. Rumor has it that the device will cost about $340.



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