GoPro Hero 3+ – How To Shoot And Get Excellent Outcomes

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The GoPro camera is known for high quality videos and pictures. For you to get the most out of your GoPro, you need to learn a few tricks. With the following tips, you can rest assured that your next photo/video shooting will be excellent.

Understanding The Mount

Whether you want to mount the GoPro 3+ on a snowboard, bike, helmet or even a dog, you will have to familiarize yourself with the mount’s movements. The reason why shifting films is so much fun is because the shifting is planned, thus avoiding ruining the entire plan. Before you start filming, test the angles and outcome. For example, if you are going on a bike hike and would like to film the whole adventure, mounting the camera on your chest or helmet will be most preferable. The reason being that the chest or helmet is less bumpy compare to mounting the camera on the bike’s handle bars.

Plan the Story

Even though you know that you can always be spontaneous by capturing moments on the go, if you lack direction you risk ruining the entire filming experience. If you want to film perfect experiences, you will have to map the entire filming journey. Shoot to edit and find the best end points (specific shots that help create a dot to give a perfect story). You can decide to zoom out from a log or tree, to be able to capture any passing action or even throw some balls at the lens of the camera to move on to some other action. Doing so helps to keep the unedited footage at a smooth and flowing motion between scenes. It also makes it more fun and easy to edit it.


Even though this is more of an obvious point, it is worth noting that you will only take perfect shots with the GoPro 3+ with practice. Make use of internet tutorials before starting your filming journey. Practice lots of times on the best mounting angles for your camera and never assume that the first angle will work perfectly. Always double-check to be sure that the angle you are using is the best.

Play Your Angles

There are times when you get bored when filming from a single field view. Mount the camera in many different positions and then combine the shots. This will help you get a complete view of all the action taking place. Also, consider making use of several cameras that are mounted and moving. Be as creative as you possibly can be when angling for shots.

Shooting From the Hip

Always keep in mind that GoPro 3+ is more than just a video camera. You can also use it to take instant photos. The good thing is that you can program this device to take photos after every few seconds or minutes, then edit the photos and include them in your video. They can make the story all the more interesting.

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