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Google Chat, fondly referred to as GChat is one of those famous messengers for 425 million people out there.

Now, this statistics includes both companies which use GChat as their peer-to-peer chat messenger and common people out there, who use it to communicate with their near and dear.

Here’s a list of tips and tricks for those curious about the extra “features” Google implemented and has not said much about. Using these in your daily conversations will make your chatting style, inspiring to the other person too.

So, let’s power up the GChat via the following ways:

Have a Face to your Contacts

When you’ve been WhatsApping with friends or Skyping away, it’s always nice to look at the person with whom you chat. When it is just the text chatting that you are doing in GChat, having a face to your contact name will give you a personalized feel. And that is why Google Talk has a feature to add an image or face to the contact. Here’s how you go about doing it – if your contact already has a profile pic uploaded to their chat image, these pics will appear to you. However, if you believe that some other picture of that contact displayed in the image icon will bring you a more personalized feeling, you can always change it.

Go to the ‘Contacts’ page on your Gmail and hover over the user’s photo field. You’ll find options to ‘change picture’. Click on this icon and upload the picture you have in mind for the person. Now the interesting thing is – your contact will never know that you have a different image to their contact name on your list. Isn’t this a nice trick?

See the Contact Pic on your Chat Window too

Now, you can get to see the pretty faces of your friends as you chat with them. All you have to do is head to the ‘Settings’à Labsà Pictures in Chat. And, bingo, you are done!

Access the Translation Bots

It’s always fun to rag on your friends and special ones in a language you know, while they don’t. The same applies to your friends when they chat with you as well. So if you want to escape from the trap of the language hassle, you can access the translation bot while you are already chatting and leave the opponent clueless and awestruck on how you are able to understand every word of the unknown language!

Adding translation bots to your GChat is as easy as that – format the bots’ addresses using the following code: [from language]2[to].

Now invite your contact to chat with you and excel the language!


Swap the Chat Window 

Are you one among those who has a long Gmail folder list? That being the case, do you find the GChat contact list interrupting with your folder list? Then this one is just for you – swap your chat window to the right side and then on, you’ll be able to have a full list of Gmail folders and your chats; in 2 separate places. Doesn’t that make your life easier? Try it this way:

Click the ‘Settings’à Labsà Right-Side Chat

And there you go; your chat list has been swapped to the right side!

Take your Chat on Air

The Google video chat has recently been replaced with the Google Hangouts. This new video chat facility enables better conversation technology and a plethora of fun apps – Google Effects, On Air etc., through which you can broadcast even live video footage and record it as a YouTube video! Isn’t hanging out cool now?

Emote your Status Messages

Now experiencing the multiplayer gaming feeling in GChat is one of those special features, which will make it your favorite. Just type “/me” at the beginning of your messages and you will be able to “emote,” your status messages. Meaning, GChat will italicize the chat and transform it into a third person, as if you were creating a status update.

So, with Google Talk being the entire craze right now, some people hating it, and others loving it, these tips, tricks and ways to use Google Talk will definitely top it on your conversation list. Make chatting more rewarding – use Google Talk.


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