Google Maps Navigation With These Useful Tricks and Tips

When I think of the tech that I’m most thankful for, mapping and navigation applications are at the top of my list.

In our opinion the navigation and maps applications are on top of the newest technology.

Those days when we were trying to reach out on a destination, meant to print out numbers of pages from MapQuest directions, or much worst dealing with paper maps, which never folded back exactly), or effectively asking other people for directions. Those methods were not so efficient every time, and they included a lot of time for preparation. Nowadays, you just have to pull up your phone from your pocket, and then enter the destination and simply you are already on your way.

Now, there are so many applications for navigation, including Bing, Apple Maps, Telenav and Waze, in the opinion of many people the Google Maps is one of the most popular app available. I bet you do not know that this application is more than just a simple navigation app that guides you from a destination to another.

Here are some tips and tricks for how to use Google Maps, and some of the lesser known features of desktop version and also the phone app, from getting quicker ways for driving directions to finding out about the latest events in your neighborhood.

1. Zoom in and out

If you are in traffic or you have only one hand free here are some simple tricks to quickly get to your destination and let you zoom on the mobile version of Google Maps

After you have entered your destination name or chose a point in the map, click and hold on the movement icon in the right bottom of the screen, and the application will start showing directions immediately. That is how you can save much of your time, but it won’t show you different options for the routs.

If you want to zoom in or out on the map, you can use the standard pinch zoom feature, but if you have only a hand free double tap on the display and hold on the second tap. Last, pull your finger up to zoom out and down for zoom in.

2.  For the offline mode save your maps on your device

Even if the phones have increased our lives, they have given us a false security of being there for helping us every time. We should have a backup plan with us because there are times when we do not have Internet connection.

On the Android or iOS applications, you are able to download a map of a side to view later, in case you are offline.

Follow these steps: while you are connected to the Internet zoom in to see the side of the map that you would like to save, and then type OK Maps in the search. Last, you will get a message at the bottom of the screen, which is notifying you that the screen map has been cached.

Now if you are opening the Google Maps without an Internet connection, you wll still be get the view of the certain area with your offline map. You should know that without data connection you won’t be able to search for other directions and remember that GPS will still be working on most devices and you will be able to see only your position on the map.

This saving option you should try when you are traveling in other countries to save you from spending too much money on data roaming.

3.         Searching for flights never been easier

Besides direction for walking, public transit or biking, Google has a search option for flights as well, using the desktop application.

The method is similar and easily as getting the driving routs.  Frist, type your location and your desired destination, then it will appear an option sating: see result on Google flights. If it did not show up, click on “…” in the top of the toolbar to get more direction options, and then press on the airplane icon.

A page will appear where you can choose the dates you want to go on the trip and see a list of available flights that you can filter by time, price, airlines and more.

4.         Find out about the latest events

Google Maps helps you to get to your next sporting match, concert, or theater show, and also it can tell you about the upcoming events in certain areas. This is a pretty great feature when you are in a new city and you are looking for some entertainment.

5.         Local knowledge via Map Maker

The Google Maps has an interesting feature named Map Maker, which allows you to edit maps, to make corrections and even adding new businesses in areas, for improving the usefulness and accuracy of the application for all the users. For those who give false information they have to know that all changes will be reviewed for being approved by a team from Google.

Now you know more about this outstanding application. Also, Google is always available for much further information about this app for both mobile and desktop version of Google Maps.


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