Google Maps – It’s Hard to Get Lost

Google Maps has rolled in even more interesting and useful features for its apps for Android and iOS devices.

These features enable better commuting by train or automobiles and even using the Uber service.

Lane Information

When you are given driving instructions, you will also receive information regarding the lane in which you must stay in or to which you must switch over to. Earlier on, it would be very difficult when the GPS would not give the user any warning about exiting. Maps would only give instructions for exiting at the last moment and the user would miss it, as it was too dangerous to go across two or three lanes within that short time. The new feature in Google Maps removes these problems and makes it much safer and simpler to receive instructions for changing lanes. You don’t even need to enable it manually. When you search for directions, just tap on your car icon on the app and you will see the guiding slides. A small white box on the top shows the number of lanes that are present on the road along with the one in which you need to be.

Accessing Offline

Users of Google Maps can now save certain areas of the maps and then be able to access them offline later. Though this feature was present even before the latest update, the feature has been brought in more prominently in the map design and is much easier to use. Users can label the maps and store them in a particular location, so that they can search for these when they are on the road. Users must make a search for the location that they are planning to visit, such as the name of the city or even a particular neighborhood that they are planning to visit. After the search has loaded in the app, make a swipe from the bottom to view the location card of the area. You will get all the basic information connected with the area and can also go to Street View. A white box at the bottom allows you to Save Map to Use Offline. You can tap on this and then view it later, offline. When you see the map, you can choose to search around the area, using the finger or zoom in.

Finally, when you are done, you can click on the Save button found below. Next, you can give a name to the save map or use Google’s automated suggestion for saving. The app takes some time to save the image, depending on the size of the area to be saved. When you want to access the saved map again offline, tap on the person icon in the search bar of the main home screen to find your profile page. You can view your home location, work location and other locations that you have saved and recent searches. You will find the offline maps at the bottom if you scroll down.

Specifying Arrival and Departure Times for Public Transport

If you regularly rely on buses or trains, you are probably aware that the service keeps changing at various times during the day. You can, therefore, look for specific arrivals or departure times according to your schedule. The app takes care of timing factors and gives information about the last train or the last bus that will come in the night. In order to use this feature, you can search for directions for public transport in the usual way. When you see the routes, click on the gray box found on the top of the screen, saying Depart at and select the date and the time in the pop up box found at the screen bottom. It is also possible to specify a particular time of departure or arrival. The Last option will give you information about the last train coming on the route. Click on ‘Done’ when you are finished.

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