Google Maps Free Download – Is It Stealing Private Data?

Are you tired of apps stealing your private data and barging in on your privacy? Your beloved navigation tool which is Google Maps might be doing the same as well. You need to understand the details of the information that Google Maps is extracting and whether or not, there is a way to escape that.

The Versatility of Google Maps

Regardless of whether or not Google Maps extracts your private data, the key point which you need to know is that it is without a doubt the most preferred navigation tool. Before we speak about the privacy issues, you need to know why countless people still prefer it.

Google Maps has an extensive database as you will find endless data connected to it. Their map data is so whopping that wherever you want to go and whichever location you prefer, you are likely to find the most suitable routes to follow. Not only this, you have the option of picking the mode of transport and you will find a suitable choice.

Of late, a lot of changes have been incorporated as Google Maps have been completely revamped as well. This has further boosted the type of popularity which it enjoys. So, if you want to commute from a certain place to some another and you have no clue of the ways to choose, it is Google Maps that can turn out to be your savior.

What Is the Privacy Issue?

Recently, a lot of users complained that Google Maps was keeping full record of the places you have been. The mobile app for Google Maps has been doing this and the data in turn can be used by the company to serve their own purpose.

Did you ever pay heed to the location services listed in your phone? This is precisely how Google keeps full track of your location. Not only does it store the places you have been to, but at the same time, the app also stores the precise time when you were at the specified location.

Some people have been appalled at this intrusion of their privacy and if you do not like to give such details of your whereabouts to an app, you have the option of turning it off. Simply make it a point to turn off location services. If you want to delete all the previous data that has already been stored, you can choose to delete history by clicking the Google Maps location history.

Ideally the data which is collected should not pose a problem to you, but none of us are willing to share our own private data with an app. Owing to the easy setting that allows you to turn it off, you should not face any problem in doing so.

You can easily move to the tracking history option to get a complete detail of the data which Google Maps have stored regarding your whereabouts. One cannot deny the fact that Google Maps is definitely one of the finest navigation tools you will ever come across.

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