Google Maps Better Than Waze in More Ways than One

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Even Though not many people would agree with it, Google Maps is far better than Waze.

When Waze was bought out by Google, tit did not just buy a startup. It was buying the highly committed user community that was always willing to provide real-time information. This community is what has made it easy for Google to keep ahead off all competing mapping apps.

Google made a wise move by not getting rid of Google Maps after the acquisition of Waze. It instead incorporated some important features that came with Waze. This, in turn, makes Google Maps an even better mapping app. Nowadays, whenever there is an update made on Waze for construction, traffic, accidents, or police checks, the report will also show in Google Maps.

Waze Features

The information Waze users offer is in real-time. Drivers are able to report information like police stops, traffic, accidents and other data, which helps other drivers. Here are some key features Waze had and they are probably one of the reasons why Google bought it out.

Wide compatibility: Waze is an app that has cross-platform compatibility. It is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android platforms. The developers normally develop new Waze features and test them out on iOS and later on offer the same features on other platforms.

Updates in real-time: This feature is one of the most useful of all Waze features. Not only do users get updates for different directions, but they also get it in real-time. Therefore, Waze users can avoid traffic and accidents on various roads, thus reaching their destinations on time.

Viewing ability for the location of other users: Waze users are able to view the location of their friends (who also use Waze). This makes it easy for people to have a re-union by simply connecting their social media account profiles with that of their friends.

You can save the map: This awesome feature allows you to edit names of roads on maps and then save the maps to use later. Therefore, you can always revisit the saved map at any time.

Google Maps already leads when it comes to mapping apps. Now, the addition of Waze essentially transforms it. Google Maps goes from an internet encyclopedia that has static information to being the navigation Wikipedia, where different people are able to add information.

In Conclusion

Until recently, the information obtained from Google Maps was based on incident reports obtained from traffic reporting services. If you were to look at Google Maps and Waze as two competing apps, Waze would probably take the prize. However, the fact that they do have a common owner means that Google Maps is able to offer its users much more at a much faster pace.

Users can have both apps as it is still not clear whether Google intends to do away with Waze. Both apps can be downloaded for free, and both are still useful. Waze will give you information on real-time incidents on the roads whereas Google Maps will help you find the most convenient route for your destination, depending on your transportation means.

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