Gmail – The Revolutionary Email Service from Google

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Gmail, the highly secure and extremely popular email service from Google, has been the game changer ever since its launch in 2004.

Besides Google’s incredible policy of a single account for all its various services, Gmail packs in a lot of breath taking and innovative features in it, which sets it apart from the crowd.

Catering to over to over 425 million users all across the globe in 71 different languages, let us take a look at its astounding arsenal of features that makes it so alluring to all.


Gmail provides its users with a whopping 15 GB of free online storage space which allows its users to store and share various multimedia files seamlessly, without any practical worries of running out of space. And guess what, it even provides a paid option for expanding this storage capacity to 30 TB!


With its highly efficient anti-phishing and anti-spam filters, Gmail provides an online experience which as unobtrusive as it can get. Furthermore, it even allows its users to specify special actions to be taken whenever a spam is detected, making it even more cozy. Even the IP addresses of Gmail users are disguised so as to avoid any compromise with their security. Plug-ins in Google’s browser, Chrome, even allows encrypting mails, taking security to a whole new level for its users.

User Interface

The first thing that one notices about Gmail is its elegant and suave user interface, which is definitely way more aesthetically pleasing and less cluttered compared to any other contender in the market. Innovative management of the massive inflow of emails that regular internet users receive, is yet another feature to boast about.

Tabbed Inbox

Gmail smartly recognizes the nature of emails that one receives and categorizes them under three basic sections: Primary, Social and Promotions. The ‘Primary’ tab of the inbox contains mails that one generally receives from other users and organizations. The ‘Social’ tab contains mails related to social media activities from various platforms in which the user’s Gmail ID has been provided as the registered email address. Lastly, the ‘Promotions’ tab is a similar division of the inbox endowed with the responsibility of containing mails that are sourced from various online commercial platforms. It contains latest updates and notifications regarding upcoming offers and sales. This smart categorization is a boon that delivers users from the pain of over-cluttered inbox!

Video Chats and Group Conversations

Gmail brings in the added advantage of carrying out live chats with online users in both visual as well as textual form. From simple one-to-one text chats to full-fledged group video conferences, Gmail covers it all!

Integration with Other Services

The Gmail account is automatically linked to various other prominent services provided by Google. From accounts on YouTube to accounts in Google’s popular social networking platform G+, Gmail users have access to all! Added to this is the advantage of accessing these accounts and even Gmail on mobile networking platforms, so users can stay connected on the go.

Google has definitely revolutionized the online email service industry with its powerful tool, Gmail. Be it emails, storage, chats, conferences, networking or entertainment, Gmail provides you with access to all. Its popularity is very much evident from the exponential growth it has seen since its launch in 2004, beating even established service providers such as Yahoo Mail (launched: 1997) behind to reach the zenith of the industry!



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