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Gmail was one of the first means that Google attempted, for taking over the Internet.

Gmail was first released to the public in 2007 and since then, it has set the new standard for being the best, free email program on the Internet. The service offers members a free email account. Moreover, the application is constantly being upgraded to stay ahead of the competition. There are additional features, such as filtering of spam and free cloud storage along with support for IMAP and POP3 and so on. The service also offers video chatting services and protection for accounts.

Distinctive Categories

Google has noticed that there are many common issues that crop up while using email services. Users have to keep deleting spam mails every time they open their inbox. In order to avoid or at least minimize this problem, Google separates the new inbox into 5 separate categories, consisting of Primary, Social, Promotions along with Updates and Forums.

The Primary category consists of mail from people who are on the priority list. The Social category consists of mail related to social media notifications, such as Facebook or from a YouTube channel, a Twitter account and so on, comments from these channels, etc. Advertisements and other email marketing related mails are placed in the Promotions tab. The Promotions tab is not to be confused with a spam folder, as the emails in this category consist of messages and mails from sites or retailers, to which the user has personally signed up. In addition, users can also add tabs, such as Updates. This tab can be used for notifications of receipts, forums with online discussions and so on.


As far as features and services are concerned, Gmail is the king and ahead of its class. The best feature of Gmail is the video chatting app known as Hangouts, which is integrated in the mail application. Hangouts are very popular for chatting with one or many people at a time. Users can share videos and files and make use of video overlays, such as crowns and halos. You can have a hangout with anyone who is in your contact list, as long as they have a web camera and have a Gmail account. There are also many other social apps that can be accessed on Google+.

Using the Instant Messenger

One useful aspect of Gmail is that you don’t need to download an additional instant messenger. Instant messages can be sent from the Inbox. Gmail can also be used on any device, the PC as well as mobile devices, so long as it is Internet enabled. The application is available for both Android and iOS devices, so it is easy to check your mail while on the go.


Gmail offers a continually increasing amount of storage and also POP access along with sending mail from any address. The sorting features are very smart, enabling users to search and star mails; organize mails and chat conversations. The web interface offered by Gmail is very rich. With Gears, you can also read and write your mail offline.

The search feature in Gmail is not nearly as effective and comfortable when compared to the search features of Google on the web. Gmail does not offer support for encrypted mail and there is no unlimited space online.


Gmail is a free email service with chat features. The online storage is free and practically unlimited. The interface is simple and smart and allows users to find their mail precisely and view the mail in context. IMAP access allows Gmail to be brought to any device or to any email program. Gmail also brings in related advertising near the mails that you read.


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