Gmail Makes Your Life a Lot Easier: Here’s How

We all have been using Gmail for various reasons.

While most of us use it for professional purposes, some people are using it for uninterrupted chat services. Gmail happens to be the best gift from Google to the mankind. If you are a professional, then you can understand how Gmail makes our life easier and worthy. But for those who are new to Gmail, here is a set of amazing features Gmail does to us and our life.

Uninterrupted Video and Voice Chat

Gmail comes from the house of Google and as we know, Google is on a mission to transform the planet earth. Google offers the amazing video calling and voice chat services for free. Voice chat via Gmail requires no logging into Skype or Viber. You can simply log-in to your Gmail account and get going.

Gmail also leverages you with the option to customize your visibility over chat. You can continue working by keeping yourself invisible in order to discard un-important calls and pings. You can also keep your account on offline mode and continue chatting with important people.

Driving Directions from Gmail

Most of the time professionals receive invitations via email. All these invitations are known to have addresses. Every time you receive such a mail, Gmail automatically creates a map on the side bar and guides you through the route and ensures that you reach the right place at the right time.

Task List

Most of us are busy all day long working for that specific impediment in our life and in this run we end up forgetting things. You don’t have to worry anymore because you can now create your task list and list all your TO-DO tasks on it. Gmail will keep reminding you about your to-do list every now and then.

It is Safe and 100% Secure

We are dependent on Gmail for most of our work. We generally end-up logging into our Gmail account from many unsecure computers which can be lethal for our businesses. Gmail brings to us the option from where we can see all the locations our Gmail account is being accessed from. This feature helps us in tracking down the hackers.

It is Free and Abundant

Only two things are infinite, first is Universe and second are Gmail accounts. Gmail provides us with the unlimited space for our workhouse. We can send up to gigabytes of data and store them in our Google accounts. The maximum data you can send in a single email is limited up to 25MB.

Send and Receive Hangout Requests

Your Gmail account allows you to receive and send lots of invitations. Now that hangout is here you can also send and receive hangout requests on your Gmail account and access it anytime from anywhere.

The New Gmail Interface

The new Gmail interface allows you to keep your emails sorted. The new Gmail interface is divided into three sections, namely Primary, Social and Promotions.

Primary section consists of all your important emails that carry attachments and important details. Gmail uses an intelligent algorithm for sorting all these mails from spams and promotional emails.

Social section is used for storing emails related to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ emails.

Promotion section carries mails from the channels and websites you have subscribed to.


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