Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6 – Camera Specs Comparison

The most awaited phone is a long time, iPhone 6 that carries quite a few specifications that the consumers asked for will now be released in the month of September and the reports show that Samsung is all set to roll out its latest version of Galaxy around the same time. Samsung will raise curtains during mi-August to reveal the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (also called Galaxy Alpha in South Korea and Galaxy F).

The comparisons are anything but inevitable. The old rivals will lock horns yet again to grab consumer attention. The most talked about feature is the camera. There isn’t much information out yet about iPhone 6’s camera but analysts predict based on the launch of iPhone %s that the company will stick to its principle of ‘less is more’ yet again. The camera is expected to be an 8 megapixel iSight with BSI (back illuminated sensor) along with some smart modifications for post and pre capture processing. It is also armed with an amber flash that is True Tone dual.

They also predict that Apple might stick to its old camera setup or decide to get drastic and have a 13 megapixel camera installed in its place. A new patent that was filled in by Apple indicates that there may be a one-of-a-kind imaging technology that maybe used in the iPhone 6 which features capabilities that are Lytro like. Lytro is a kind of camera that lets one capture a picture and then allows for a dynamic selection or re-selection of a focal oint at a later time. This innovative form of picture tweaking is made possible because of a technology termed ‘plenoptic’. The whole idea is that one can take pictures and later on focus at leisure.

As per AppleInsider, the patent indicates certain details which had a re-focusable imaging mode adapter installed in it. In order to remain competitive, even if there have been no mention of iPhone 6’s camera specifications, Apple will need to recreate, modify and tweak in order to stay competitive – especially with Samsung Galaxy.

Steve Jobs had a meeting with the founder of Lytro just before he passed away. The patent was filed during the September of 2011 and a huge number of sources stated that a lot of products that Apple released ever since the death of Jobs was developed as per the roadmap that he had laid-out. So, as per this, there is a good possibility that the camera might have a Lytro one.

One of the highlights of the Galaxy S5 is the features of its camera which has been included as one of its main updates. The last version introduced some interesting and useful features for giving it a nice appeal. The analysts sense, 4K video capturing capacity along with a set-up of 16 megapixels. The camera also features a fun ‘selective focus’ mode that seems a lot like Lytro and allows one to take pictures even before the user can pick a focal point.

Certain other improvements are ‘HRD Live’ and 0.3 seconds capture speed that will allow you to check how HRD will change the image even before it is captured. The ‘Selective Focus’ of Samsung is not as sophisticated as Lytro of Apple. This is because, the Galaxy S5 will take a set of 5 shots at various focal points and allow one to cycle between all of them.

The Lytro is expected to capture more attention than Galaxy’s camera but only time will tell what will capture the market.

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