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The era of using landline telephones for making calls has almost come to an end.

This is due to the advent of several voice calling applications available for Android, iOS and other devices. Making free calls by installing these apps on your smartphone seems a smarter choice, as it will not cost you any money. These calls can be placed through your Wi-Fi connection or through data connections and do not need wireless phone signals. Here are some of the best free calling apps for Android devices.

Facebook Messenger

Very recently, Facebook Messenger has started enabling free calls on the service. However, it is necessary that both the parties must have the service or application installed on their devices to make a free call. This makes Facebook Messenger a very good option, as it is more than likely that most of your friends have the application on their smartphones, as Facebook has millions of users from all over the world.

Kakao Talk

Kakao Talk is another Android application that allows free calling and texting features. It is very popular, mostly for people living in North America. In addition to making one to one calls, the app also allows group calls. This is a very useful feature for those wanting to talk to multiple people or groups at a single time. Another advantage of Kakao Talk is that it offers support for multi platform devices. For instance, if you have friends who use iPhones, BlackBerry devices or Windows Phone and you have an Android phone, you can still make free calls to them using the Kakao Talk App, so long as they also have the application installed on their phones.


Line is a very popular option for making free calls from Android devices. There are more than 400 million users from all over the world and it offers some pretty good features. You can make free calls to others who also have the app on their smartphone. Apart from this, you can also make calls to others who don’t have the application, but this is a paid call, albeit for a small fee. In addition to making calls, the app also enables text messages and messages to groups. It also offers support for multi platforms for several mobile Oss and also the desktop. This is very useful in case some of your contacts don’t have smartphones, as you can contact them on their desktop.

magicApp from magicJack

This is also a free calling application allowing calls even to those who don’t have the application without any charge. But such calls have regional restrictions. Those who live either in the US or in Canada can make free calls to anyone. However, if you live outside the US or outside Canada or if you want to make a call to someone living outside these countries, you have to pay the usual fee, in case they don’t have the application. If both the sides, the calling party and the called party, have the app installed on their devices, the call is free as usual. This app can be used only for making phone calls and not for texting, so it is not a complete communication solution.

Nimbuzz Messenger

Nimbuzz has been around, as a free calling app for Android devices, for quite some time and has all the useful and necessary features for effective and free communication. As usual, you can make voice calls to other Nimbuzz users without payment. The app also offers a high definition calling service, so it comes with the best audio quality for making calls. Along with calls, the app also enables group chatting and regular text chatting along with use of stickers and so on.

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