Free Antivirus – The Best Choices in 2014

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If you are keen on tech news, the HeartBleed Bug may be familiar to you.

This is an OpenSSL vulnerability that gives hackers access to web servers. In addition to this bug, other viruses, phishing activities and spyware programs make it easy for internet users to lose their data or identity to hackers. To ensure you and your system remain safe, you need to find an effective antivirus program. Unfortunately, many people find these programs a bit pricey, with hefty yearly subscriptions.

Even so, there are plenty of solutions for people looking for an easy way of protecting their systems in 2014. If you find the annual subscriptions unsustainable for you, here are some free antivirus programs, you can use, on your system.

Avast Free Antivirus

You do not need to use Avast for long, to realize how effective and popular it is. It is a simple to install program with an interface, easy to understand and use. It quickly scans the system to identify the threats available without greatly affecting the speed of your system. Independent testing of the Avast antivirus program has found that it is an all-rounded product.

This free program comes packed with a few extra features. It comes with updated features that let you know of the missed updates and it also has a browser cleanup tool which removes any unwanted browser add-ons. It was also recently adorned with a ‘Grime Fighter’, which supports 12 more languages and also has an advanced console for better user control.

Panda Cloud Antivirus

This is a lightweight and simple antivirus program that offers virus protection and is compatible with many other security tools. This is a free version of commercial panda cloud version and thus misses some features available in its commercial version. It offers protection when you are using Wi-Fi networks in public places and it has a USB vaccine that is meant to reduce the risk of having the USB drive infected by a virus.

The most recent release, the panda 3.0 version includes an array of new features. Users will not be able to use a new and improved interface, schedule scans and it comes with automated USB vaccines. This cuts on the manual work needed to be done to protect the system.

The Zonealarm Antivirus and Firewall

This is a free version of the commercial ZoneAlarm antivirus and firewall program. This means that it comes without some features like the ability to update on an hourly basis. This free version updates only once a day which places the system at a risk of infection. The program also comes with limited functionality, even though it has a verified antivirus engine, browsing protection and an easy to use firewall. It is easy to use and this is evident from the minimalist outlook with few buttons and settings.

Avira Antivirus

It has a powerful antivirus engine which monitors the PC and eliminates any threats. When you install this free antivirus, it comes with free web tools like anti-phishing tools, social networking protection as well as an ad blocker. The only downside is that it replaces your default search engine with an Avira page.

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