Flappy Bird Family – Will it reclaim its Former Glory?

Return to the Scene

Flappy Bird, the highly successful mobile game, was removed from play stores in February this year due to some controversies over the gameplay. Flappy Bird, in its original form was a very difficult to master game, though the gameplay was very simple. It managed to soar to the top of the charts in the play stores, but it had to be pulled down, when it was at its peak. The game was said to be grossing $50,000 per day when it was suddenly removed. Dong Nguyen is said to have claimed that though the game was a great success, it had ended up ruining his simple life and he hated it and he was therefore, removing it. He did not like all the attention and controversy the game was bringing in, so he decided to pull the plug.

Now, it has returned in a new form, through Flappy Birds Family, which was released on August 1st 2014. This is the successor to the free mobile hit game Flappy Bird, released in 2013, by Dong Nguyen.

Dong Nguyen had promised to bring the bird game back in a new version, when it was removed earlier in the year. The game has received a revamping of the features and it now comes with multiplayer options and some more obstacles that need to be avoided by the player.

Incredible New Features

Flappy Birds Family is released by Gears Studios and is now available for downloading at the Amazon App Store in case of Android devices for the Fire Television platform. The Fire TV remote, along with the game controller, is supported by the game. The game now offers incredibly new features on Amazon Fire TV. For instance, there is the person-to-person mode and additional obstacles. The game has become much more fun; but it is also very difficult. However, there is no news on whether the game will be available for Android devices on Google Play Store or in the App Store for Apple devices as well.

Exclusive for Amazon Fire TV

It seems a little odd that a simple screen tapping game should become exclusive for the Amazon Fire TV. However, the game does offer support for its game controller and the early reviews about the game seem to be very positive. It is not known whether Dong Nguyen will bring the title to mobile devices. Even if the game is brought to mobile devices, it is not certain, whether it can reach the same dizzying levels of success that the earlier version of the game enjoyed. The Flappy Bird craze might have gone by now and mobile users might have moved on to other more interesting games.

Predictions and Speculations

If Nguyen has not struck any exclusive deal with Amazon, it is probable that the game will soon make its way to Android and iOS devices, but whether it can climb back up the charts to its previous position remains a million dollar question. The app market is known for its extremely fickle ways, so it cannot be predicted whether players will reject the game or welcome it again. It also seems as if the ‘tap to avoid obstacles’ type of genre is becoming a little outdated.

To give the game its due, it has to be said that it is entirely new, this time around and not just a rehash of the old game. When the game was at its original heights, many of the other mobile games in the stores were actually clones of Flappy Bird. They continued to be popular when Flappy Bird was brought down. In fact, there was a game called splashy Fish, which rose to the top with more than 10 million players playing on a daily basis and 250 million games were played on a single day, on an average.

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