Farm Heroes Saga – Tips to Level Up Without Wasting Time

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Farm Heroes Saga is yet another puzzle game from King, known for Candy Crush Saga and the Papa Pear Saga.

Just like other King puzzle games, Farm Heroes Saga also comes in different stages, with the goal of making the most points and meeting objectives.

Here are a few tips and advice to ensure you level up without replaying the levels too many times.

General Farm Heroes Saga Tips to Win Levels

Before Going for Quota Crops, Make Adjacent Matches First

Basic matches will hardly get you enough rounds to get everything you need to complete a level. It is, therefore, advisable for you to look for matches besides the crops you need. Matches will increase the value of the crops you are targeting. This is especially important for levels that come with rare crops or crops that are in limited supply on the board.

Start Clearing from the Bottom

While this tip may seem rather obvious, most players do not consider starting to clear crops from the bottom. When crops are cleared from the bottom, they make room at the top for new crops to be introduced to the game board. This increases the chances of getting more crops to make matches and combos.

Target The +1 Resource

If you are keen, you will notice the +1 sign on some resources and fruits. These types of resources and fruits have the ability to add one bonus fruit or a resource to your current collection. For instance, an apple that comes with the +1 sign can be matched with two other apples to offer a total of four. Therefore, matching four or more suns, fruits or other elements with the +1 sign will get you a bonus, which will be scattered among carrots, apples as well as other fruits.

Collecting Sample Resources

There are some levels that require the player to collect samples of each resource. In such levels, ensure you begin with collecting the resource that comes with the highest quota and collect the resource with the least quota, the last.

Collecting Flowers

Some levels will require you to collect flowers by matching fruits or other resources beside them. It is important to know that flowers grow in stages and thus can only be collected when they are in full bloom. Also, flowers are fewer and thus should be focused on first before the gathering of other elements.

Boosters Guide for the Farm Heroes Saga

Throughout the game, special boosters unlock from time to time and are useful in levels where making fruit matches is difficult. You can get free boosters after every 5 to 10 hours after a quota. Here are 3 important power-ups to keep your eyes out for:

The Shovel Booster

These can be used to weed-out a resource or fruit on the board. You can use the booster when you only have a few moves left in levels, where you are desperate to collect an element to complete the level.

The Bonus Reward Booster

This booster can be used to give a +1 bonus to the resources you require in a level. You can best make use of it to collect more samples of a given resource that are available on the board.

The Tractor Booster

This booster is best used when there is need to clear a whole row of resources on the board. This can be a great help in levels where matches are hard to create.

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