Far Cry 4: 3-Part Developer Diary Reveals Their Inspiration

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Creating a huge open world game, such as Far Cry 4, is not that easy unless you are strongly inspired by real life locations, culture and people.

The story is set in India this time, in one of the world’s largest mountain range – the Himalayas. You get to ride an elephant which is real fun and it was awesome to watch it reveal during the E3 2014 event. Besides that, you will be able to fly in a small chopper and driving an auto rickshaw to move around. The developers of the game came all the way to Tibet and other parts of Himalayas to explore how life is like in these locations. A three part developer diary has been released to showcase the effort they put in.

In one of his voice overs, the team member believes that he wouldn’t make it back home alive while driving through the hilly regions on a single road with a huge cliff to their side. There isn’t much protection or safety measures in these places where only a bunch of people make a living. The scenarios are completely out of sync with the other part of the world, which is driven by technology, space research and other improvements, whereas the villagers lead a peaceful live which doesn’t involve too many complex thoughts as some have.

Bringing Realism

Although developer diaries are not documentaries that talk about the place or explore the location in-depth, they give a fair idea of what we could expect in Far Cry 4. The game will have a non-linear game play, which also features a four player co-op expected to be the unique sales point for the title. The diary video is definitely interesting to watch because you get to see a lot of places which are normally tough to visit and travel in real life.

The fun factor here is that many of these iconic locations that we see in the video are going to be part of the original game, where players can dive into without the fear of losing their lives in the cliffs. The authenticity level will definitely be high and this trip also enabled the development team to understand more about local issues such as the political instability. They also learned about the famed Nepalese Gurkha soldiers who are sworn to protect their lands from any attacks. All these elements may not make it to the final game due to various factors, but the diary covers them for you to know more about Far Cry 4’s setup.

At GamesCom

It has been officially confirmed that Far Cry 4 will be available to play at GamesCom 2014 when the event kicks off in August. It is going to be a grand event where people from around the globe gather to showcase their latest and great games. The event is set to take place in Cologne, Germany. It is the most prominent gaming expo right next to the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which just got over in the US this June. Titles, including Assassin’s Creed Unity and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will also be available there.

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