Fallout 4 – Why Users Don’t Want To See Co-Op Multiplayer Mode?

Nowadays, the cooperative multiplayer games are fiercely on the trend, mainly with traditionally single player franchises introducing cooperative multi-player feature in their titles.

Dead Space and its follower, Dead Space 2, were amazing single player games that have seen the form of Dead Space 3 as a cooperative sequel. Its publisher at EA and producers at Visceral was determined to be all the rage with the new cooperative game experiences. That actually was a little uninspired.

Similar the Resident Evil and Capcom has developed from previous single players series to co-op experiences. Resident Evil 5 unexpected was taking the cooperative way, further from its survival dread roots, adopting co-op and action for discerned Western audience.

The latest series that embraced the co-op root is Assassin’s Creed. The players are getting to combine their game efforts with 3 others online, which despitefully are in the same protagonist in the game, Arno Dorian.

The single player games, Far Cry, are likewise getting into cooperative multiplayer mode in the upcoming game Far Cry 4. Even BioWare is embracing the cooperative root in Shadow Realms, just related at gamescom.

There is a big possibility that the next game of Fallout from Bethesda could be coop bandwagon.

Here are some reasons why we do not want this to happen in Fallout.

  • It is wonderful being a lone traveler. Fallout has been offered since now an amazing solitary involvement to explore the wasteland as a single main protagonist like the Courier, the Chosen One, the Vault Dweller, and The Lone Wanderer.

The result of playing as a single-character in a game zone would have been cut when the player had to cope with others players in the same world area. However, you particularly cannot feel like a hero in an MMORPG, when the other players running around your area is a hero, likewise.

  • The game tasks should be completely for a single person. It’s not fun waiting for other player to join you to online playing, mostly when you are trying to deepen your game experience.
  • Another difficulty would be to perform VATS in a coop multiplayer game, which was included in the single version Fallout 3. VATS has become a mark for the game series, especially with the launching of Fallout: New Vegas. Thus, taking out VATS would reduce the enjoyment of the game and turn it to a simple old first person shooter.
  • In a game it could not be two leading characters, only if the game was built from the base as a cooperative multiplayer experience. Otherwise, this could limit the players in the game. Tasking both players would be interesting, but difficult to fulfill in a right way.

Admittedly, it is feasible to an extent as “Divinity: Original Sin” clearly exhibits, but it is not that we would want to get out of Fallout 4. 

  • Once again, if the game is not built from the base as a cooperative experience, it would confers little to the game and used as a confusion for the game’s producers, who were better spending that time on real content.

That development time would be better used on building the world area and the character.

If the game is a cooperative experience it will foremost double the load of the producers. Limiting and reducing tasks would simply lead to a poor cooperative game experience and a certainly poorer single player experience.



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