Fallout 4 – Why the Hype? What to Expect?

There have been rumors doing rounds that Obsidian is working on Fallout 4.

If these rumors are true, then there is likelihood that Fallout 4 will have an online multiplayer mode. Fallout director, Josh Sawyer, in an interview, stated his interest in joining the development team working on Fallout 4. He also stated that he might come with an MMO element for the game.


He also said that West coast might be used in the upcoming game and thinks that returning to Boneyard LA is a good place to commence. Sawyer also said New Orleans would also make an awesome setting for the next version of the Fallout game.


Gamescom is nearing, and many people are hopeful that Bethesda will announce Fallout 4 release then. Bethesda also looks like it is going to participate in the coming Gamescom, that will happen between August 13th and August 17th in Cologne, Germany.


If Fallout 4 is not announced at Gamescom event in August, then there is still hope that it will be announced this year, but at a different event. The Tokyo Game Show takes place in between September 18th and September 21st 2014. This great event is going to have over 220,000 participants and will have more than 16,000 booths.


Bethesda executive producer and Fallout game director Todd Howard was asked for more information on the leaked information, and he stated that they are yet to set a time frame for the next Fallout game. However, he said that he thinks that it will take quite some time before it is announced.


Rumors that are doing the rounds indicate Fallout 4 is going to be released some time in autumn of 2015 with the possibility of being revealed in next year’s E3. KDramaStarts’ reports suggest that there is likelihood that Fallout 4 will also come in the next generation PlayStation 4 console, for Windows PC and Xbox One.


What to Expect


There are speculations that the game might even feature new races. It has also been purportedly claimed to introduce a new system of leveling, which will be similar to the leveling system used in Skyrim. In this type of leveling system, once a mission has been completed, the player’s skills level up.


The site also claims that the Brotherhood of Steel and Super Mutants groups will no longer be used. The reason is that there have been many complaints about their excessive use and excessively going against lore. Bethesda is looking to create a new race (think in the lines of Super Mutant, Ghoul), and this race will be Boston’s central. The company is also considering Lovecraftian fiction, especially since Boston is a “Lovecraft Country”.


‘The institute’ might be New Vegas or downtown DC and Boston will be transformed to something no one has ever seen before. For example, buildings will be more on par with retro-futurism and cyberpunk.


The company is currently busy working on other games such as Prey 2, BattleCry, The Evil Within and Doom 4.

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