Fallout 4 – Rumors and Hidden Messages


There has not been any official news from Bethesda regarding Fallout 4. Yet, it is expected that the new game version will offer the next generation title for PlayStation 4 and for Xbox One. It will probably launch towards the fag end of 2014 or even in the early part of 2015. However, all this is merely speculation, as there has been no confirmation regarding the game from the developers.

Bethesda or Not

It has also been suggested that Bethesda may not be the developers of Fallout 4. There are some rumors that claim that Fallout 4 has been handed over for development to another new studio, which goes by the name of Battle Studios. Battle Studios is part of Zemimax Studios and is a new studio that has been created in Austin, Texas. There are many job listings to be found in the Zenimax site for different types of roles in the Battlecry Studios. These include job listings for a Senior level Designer, a Senior Environment Artist, a Senior Graphics Engineer and Lead VFX Artist and so on. In connection with each of these job listings, there is a reference to some console game of the next generation and a secret AAA PC. Several sources have suggested that the console game being referred to is Fallout 4.

Rumors of the Title

The job listings claim that Battlecry Studios is looking for a professional Senior Environment Artist for producing a good quality environment for a secret AAA PC, a next gen console game, according to the ad. There are no other possible titles that could be produced by Zenimax Studios, as no such titles have been announced; so it seems that the rumors have some truth in them.

Boston Setting

Fallout 4 is the follow up to Fallout 3 and to Fallout: New Vegas. It is speculated that the new game will have a Boston setting. Earlier, there was a Survivor 2299 website that brought in some false rumors regarding Fallout 4; so it was expected that these rumors would also die down in a short time. However, they haven’t and there have been some casting documents that prove that the game is in production, indeed. Not only that, it has also been confirmed that the new game will have a Boston setting. The casting call has been confirmed for a project that has been codenamed as Institute. The casting documents also refer to several names of characters and to the location.

Similar Introduction

It seems that the classic introduction that was seen in Fallout 1, Fallout 2 and Fallout 3: will be continued in Fallout 4. It will begin with the “War. War never Changes” introduction. This fragment of the script has been obtained, along with another fragment, describing one mission, where some Preston Garvey, a character, asks for the search of a fusion core in a museum located in the Commonwealth. There is another mission that is set in the Institute and this has been rumored to relate to the new game’s version of the MIT in Boston.

In addition, Bethesda, the developer of Fallout 3 had also filed for a trademark for the new game Fallout 4. The trademark is supposed to extend for digital media and merchandise along with other products that are not directly in the game. Thus, it seems that Bethesda is starting to gear up for a big launch of the game in the early part of next year.

Survivor 2299 Hoax

The site was found to be an elaborate hoax and had been merely an attempt to get Bethesda to announce Fallout 4. It was a fan called DCHoaxer who was the source behind the website. However, the tactic did not work and Bethesda did not come up with any release statement. The developer did however release one statement through Twitter that they were not showing any games at VGX.

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