Fallout 4 Release Date on Pax Prime – Bethesda’s Guy Confirms The Game

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The Fallout 4 launching date has been fixed and the game might be announced at PAX Prime. Fallout 4 is a much awaited game by the fans, but there has been no information yet about its progress. This was the situation until Reddit user GNR_Infromant disclosed that the most wanted title is already in the development for the PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

The informant claims that he knows Bethesda’s public relation officer and shared with Motoring Crunch on the content coming from the insider. The passage is as follow. The source declares that he actually knows Bethesda PR officer and shared on the content with Motoring Crunch coming from the inside member.

It is essential to know that the game will have the location in Boston, and it will be like a direct sequel to the previous game, Fallout 3, with a few troops coming back. “The Institute” is rather the New Vegas or downtown DC of this game. Boston location will be very different than we have seen in a previous Fallout game, with constructions more on par with retro futurism and cyber-punk.

Androids are very important in this Fallout 4. The railway from the anterior game in the series is a faction and the enemies of the railway are called “the Plantation”, a troop who forces the Androids to provide food for humans by farming. “The Institute” is highly progressive and probably built to start a farm by their own GECK.

Bethesda has planned to keep away from using “the Brotherhood of Steel” and “Super Mutant” in the new game because there was much complaining about using these groups overly in the Fallout 3. Bethesda has a plan to create a new “race”,think Ghoul, Super Mutant, which will be midway to Boston. Also it is looking at Lovecraftian story since Boston is around the Lovecraft Country.
The company has not intended to recreate the leveling up system likewise the Skyrim and it aims to make Fallout 4 a lot different from Skyrim since of the whining the Fallout 3 was too similar with the Oblivion. Bethesda is considering inserting a new system where the player skills can level up if he executes special tasks.

According to Cyberland, the Fallout 4 launching date is provisional fixed for the fall of 2015 while there are rumors out of control that the game will be released on October 2015 and it should be awaited to be showcased on E3 2015.


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