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Get the real-time help every day and route from pro drivers. Waze is one of the globe’s largest community-based navigation and traffic applications. One can get best advice from other drivers in the region, who are familiar with right road details and real-time traffic info, saving gas, money, and time on daily commute.

Download Waze for free to improve your daily commuting. The app is all about benefiting from and contributing to the common good download and join drivers.

Have you installed iTunes App Store account? Then it’s easy to download the app. The free social media application lets drivers to generate and use real-time traffic info, live maps, and detailed navigation map for optimal commute.

Real-Time Info from Real People

Since all are real-time users, you get genuine response, so that you can drive better. Nothing can beat the experience of working with real people, who come with a common goal: offer the best route and outsmart traffic every day.

Get alerted before you near traffic jams, road hazards, accidents, and police- all given by other drivers on time. With community-revised maps and personal heads-up from thousands of people on the road, there is no question of you hitting a dead end.

Social Media Connectivity

Don’t you feel good when you get information from your own friends, who are driving on the same road? You can see friends driving towards the same destination, if your Facebook profile is linked. Planned any get-together? You can check with old buddies and coordinate their arrival time to meet or pick them up. In this way, you can get connected effortlessly when you drive in a group.

Save Money, Time as You Drive

Find way to the cheapest gas station on your road direction, so that you can save some money on fuel. Using Waze, you can contribute real-time traffic information as well as report police traps, accidents, and other issues that you see on the go.

Discover the lowest gas costs and road alerts around you, shared by other drivers. The app makes it quite easy to keep the records, contacts, and friends on the go. You don’t have to type pesky texts or answer calls (stuck in traffic, leaving now, few minutes to reach, etc) – instead let the app do your work. Finding the cheapest petrol station is simple and fun with Waze app.

New Features

The main things include – bug fixes and enhanced battery life. The community-based navigation, traffic, and mapping application lets you to join millions of users (real, pro drivers) from across the world to outsmart traffic, daily commuting, and save gas money as well as time.

The best features are-

  • Complete voice-directed navigation
  • Live routing from community-based real-time road and traffic info
  • Find the cheapest gas station in a nearby location
  • Get qualified and earn points as you contribute road details
  • Updated Live Waze-community map editors
  • Automatic re-routing option, in case of road change

You can download the app at or Google Play Store.

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