Clash of Clans vs Brave Frontier – Free Strategy Games To Download and Play

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Clash of Clans is a very popular Android/iPod/iPad/iPhone game being made by the “supercell”.

It now globally available on iTunes store for free of cost since its release on August 2nd 2012 and also on the Google play store since the time it was launched.

2013 was so far the best year for Android as that was the year when people began to use this platform for various purposes including games and it eventually was the beginning of a whole new era for the gamers.

And the game, Clash of Clans definitely bagged a renowned position in the top gaming list. This game is a very exciting and addictive amalgamation of strategic planning and also highly competitive fast-paced combats. The game includes raising an army of Barbarians, Dragons, War wizards and also other fiery fighters. Combine a clan of players and eventually grow through the ranks or make your very own Clan to the contest ownership of the Realm. The first step of the game involves driving back the goblins and the quest will not be completed until your clans reigns superior over all the others.

Even though, the game Clash of Clans is Free-to-play but it can also be bought for real money from the Google play store or the Apple app store like an In-App purchase. However, for the players who opt for not making the payment, all the features would still be open.

On the other hand, Brave Frontier is equally exciting and addictive. Everything in the game, right from the gaming elements to the music, are great enough to keep the players hooked for long along with offering them great gaming experience.

The game includes two different modes, which are Quest and Arena and are very captivating and unique in their own ways. Brave Frontier holds a few features, which are not available in other games. And one of those features is the Town system.

The town system is originally a predetermined set of houses, which have their own functionality. In the town, you can make equips for your particular units to wear, which will offer them a slight stat boost. You can also consider gathering resources by brewing potions in town. And just like the other games of its kind, it extends evolution and fusing. Fusing is very much similar in all the games, but the option of evolution is very much different in Brave Frontier. It is not simple as fusing two similar units. In fact, it demands you to have fusion materials and max leveled unit.

The higher the fusion material goes, the harder it becomes for the player to achieve it. But, it is certainly not impossible. The game, Brave Frontier comes with a very vibrant and bright anime-inspired look and feel. The unit art is quite attracting too. During the whole battle sequence, the units get even more impressive and captivating. And this art is surely good for people who like this style but it can be a little disappointing for the people who long for a dark and more mature art style.

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