Clash of Clans Tricks – Walkthroughs and Tips

If you are playing Clash of Clans and would like your clan to grow at a fast pace without having to waste resources, always make sure that Town Hall is never taller than the other buildings you have. You should always maximize on other buildings after you have upgraded the Town hall.

Also, make sure you have as many builders as you possibly can. Therefore, avoid spending gems on things like an instant building level-up. Instead, keep those gems so that you can buy the builders, huts, when the time comes. When you hunt 1250 trophies, you will be able to get the 3rd builder. Also, donate troops as much as you can because doing so gets you gems – for every 25000 troops you donate, you get 250 gems.

Once you are in the crystal league, you will be given a bonus of 250 gems and that will be enough to get you the 4th builder hut. Remember that you can use social media to get free gems.

Elixir and Gold Loot

Raiding only gets you 20% of all available resources in storage, capped at 198000. Nevertheless, steal 50% of resources in the mines and collectors. Additionally, you can steal a thousand units of each resource from the Town Hall.

In other words, if you have the max loot obtained from full storages and mines, you will have about 724000. This is the amount you can get, before the bonus or loot penalty is applied. You will be able to see the bonus you get, when you attack a person with a higher or lower Town Hall than you.

5% loot is obtained when the person you attacked has 4 TH levels lower than you. 25% loot is obtained when the person you attack is 3 TH levels lower than you. 50% loot is obtained when you attack a person who is 2 TH levels lower than you. 100% loot is obtained when you attack a person with the same TH as you. You get 110%, 150% and 200% when you attack a person who has 1, 2 and 3 TH levels higher than you, respectively.

Order of Upgrading Your Buildings

  • Offensive buildings: Army camps, laboratory, barracks and then spell factory
  • Defensive buildings: Mortars and wizard towers, air defense, walls, X-Box and inferno tower, archer towers, teslas and cannons and finally, traps
  • Resource upgrades: Storages, collectors and mines

Base Layout

You have 3 base layout types: defensive, hybrid and offensive.

The layout of farming is set to keep your resources safe as possible without caring for the trophies. The defensive layout intends to keep your trophies safe and not care much about lost resources. The hybrid layout is a combination of protection and farming.

You should note that there is no perfect base and that you are always vulnerable to some strategies and attacks. Avoid building a village in a square design. Offset the wall sectors and the base should be sectored. This will prevent wallbreakers from opening your whole base by just destroying a section of the walls.

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