Clash of Clans – Top 10 Look-Alike Strategy Games

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Clash of Clans is one of the most played real-time strategy (RTS) games with a unique gameplay, concept, simple combat system and amazing 3D visuals. In Clash of Clans, you can build your village the way you want, train troops and send them to battle to steal the resources from other players.

If you are one of the players who love playing Clash of Clans, than today we’re going to reveal you ten other strategy games which look like your favorite game.

1. Battle Beach

Battle Beach is a war game that has combat strategy elements also. In this game you will need to help the surviving humans to fight marauders. To do this, you will need to build a base and defend it with sniper towers, machine guns and mine fields. You will train a guerilla force consisting of ten units, each having unique abilities and multiple upgrade levels.

The single-player campaign is amazing and it will allow you to fight against the marauder leader. In Battle Beach, you will control shooters, tanks and snipers. As for the multiplayer mode, you will battle with other players and join alliances in order to get higher in the leaderboard.

2. Greed for Glory

Greed for Glory is a medieval real-time strategy game. Excepting the artwork and the settings, this game is not different from other modern RTS games made these days.

You will have to control a village where you will build your base and resource collection. Mining for resources and building new structures will allow you to train a powerful army which will have troops such as archers, mages or knights.

After you have made a strong army, you can start sending troops to other villages in order to collect resources and increase your fame.

3. Castle Clash

In Castle Clash you will be able to build strong defenses, recruit special units and common ones and upgrade them, attack enemy bases and level up your buildings.

The common units in this game are such as warriors, mages and archers but, as we told you above, you can also train special heroes that will deal a lot of damage to the village you are attacking. Castle Clash has an arena mode also, which allows you to 1v1 random players online.

4. Vikings Gone Wild

In Vikings Gone Wild you will control Vikings and fight against Zombies. You will have to build defensive units such as towers to defend your village and recruit warriors, archers, wall breakers, bone crushers, bear raiders and other units to invade and destroy zombies.

The game has great cartoony graphics, which will remind you of the Asterix and Obelix comic books. You can also play it on Facebook, but make sure you have installed Unity Web Player on your PC.

5. Jungle Heat

This game is very similar to Clash of Clans, but with modern military settings. In Jungle Heat, you will have to build a base that has resource-generating machines, defensive buildings and a command center which you will need to protect from enemy attacks. You will be vulnerable to player attacks, so mare sure you will build defensive buildings from the first second you start playing it.

After you’re done building a strong defense, you can start recruiting troops and start attacking other players.

6. Battle Dragons

In Battle Dragons, instead of mages and grunts you will be training different types of creatures, each one having unique powers. You will have to build structures in your city, such as gold and food and use them to build defensive towers and train dragons.

After you finish training dragons, you will send them to destroy and loot nearby villages. The game has various levels, each one offering a unique defense and layout. The other village you will be attacking will use all its towers, dragons and powerful creatures to defend it, so you will need to use a good strategy to defeat it.

7. NinjaKingdom

As you guessed, this game will be enjoyed by the fans of shogun warriors and assassins. In Ninja Kingdom you will have to set up defensive buildings, train troops and defend your village and princess with them. Aside from your usual troops, you can summon powerful monsters such as Oni, which can destroy half of the enemy village.

8. Total Conquest

Total Conquest has a Greco-roman setting where managing your empire and military strategy fits perfectly with a modern RTS game mechanics. The gameplay has 3D visuals and the objective is to build a base, train an army and raid other villages to get their resources.

You can also play in single player mode, which has 50 challenging levels. You will be able to join legions in order to call for reinforcements during raids, just like in Clash of Clans. Troops can also be hidden inside the towers and can be used to attack the troops that are invading your village.

9. Clash of Lords

Clash of Lord is another fantasy themed strategy game where you will have to build walls and towers around your village. As for troops, you will be able to train mages, minotaurs, dragons and witches.

The game is free to play, but likewise Clash of Clans you will be tempted to spend some real money. However, with a little patience, you will be able to do all the things you can in this game without spending a dime on it.

10. Samurai Siege

Samurai Siege is mostly like Clash of Clans, but with an Asian theme and a lot of samurai warriors who are ready to destroy other players’ villages.

You will have to manage a village and defend it with arrow towers and other defensive buildings. You will be able to join clans and raid random players’ villages.


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