Clash of Clans – Offensive, Devensive Tips, Tricks and Strategies

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In Clash of Clans, some players will go and upgrade their defensive buildings, while others will not even upgrade their Walls. Some will try to get to Master’s League while having a level 5 Town Hall. But if you want to have a powerful village, you will need to follow a more logical and strategic upgrade schedule.

Is it worth to upgrade your Town Hall?
You do not want to upgrade the Town Hall too soon. This is one of the most common mistakes that are made by the new players. The reason why you shouldn’t upgrade your Town Hall too soon is because you will get Loot Penalty and Bonus, because the amount of resources are being lowered if you attack a player whose Town Hall is lower than yours.

Let us give you an example of what it could happen if you upgrade your Town Hall too soon. So, you upgraded the Town Hall without upgrading your troops and because of the loot penalty, you will be “forced” to attack stronger enemies. You will most likely lose your army and you’ll fail the raid, because you got low level troops. Because of this, we recommend you to upgrade all your buildings and only after that you can upgrade the Town Hall as well.
What buildings you should upgrade first
You will firstly want to upgrade the buildings that are related to your troops. Since you will gather resources while raiding, you will want to have a strong army.

Offensive buildings

1. Laboratory

First, try to upgrade the Laboratory, because this building will make your troops stronger. After you upgrade it, you will have new upgrades ready for troops, individually. Some of the upgrades might take days, so that’s the reason we want to upgrade the Laboratory as soon as possible.

2. Clan Castle

Another building that you should create is the Clan Castle, because this will increase the amount of troops you can bring to a battle, by 5. However, as you level it up, you will have enough space to hold a Healer and some other troops. Keep in mind that the troops from the Clan Castle will be able to react to raids, meaning that they will try to defend your village when it’s being attacked.

3. Army Camps

You will want to upgrade the army camps as soon as possible, because this will maximize the army’s capacity. Even a single troop may totally change the raid if you play it right.

4. Barracks

One of the most ignored buildings by many of the beginners is the Barrack. You will unlock more powerful units and to do this you must upgrade the Barracks. Try to unlock the Healer on all your Barracks, because this unit might turn around a lot of fights. By the way, your queue increases also as you upgrade the Barracks.

5. Spell Factory

Even if spells are very expensive and they take a long time to be created, they will come in handy when you try to destroy a well protected village. Using a Lightning Spell, you will be able to destroy a Mortar or using a Healing Spell may turn the fight around. However, it depends on your style; there are some players that prefer to ignore the spell factory until it’s too late.

Now that your offense is maxed out, you can upgrade your Town Hall, but keep in mind that the loot penalty may slow you down in gaining resources. You can get your Town Hall up to level 7 without maxing out your defensive buildings, but don’t get it higher than that until you have a strong defense which can protect your resources.

Defensive buildings

1. Walls

You will find out that you will always have some extra gold that you can’t do anything with it. Try keeping a builder free most of the time to use it for creating/upgrading your walls. You will find out that some well upgraded walls will buy enough time for your archer towers, cannons and mortar to get the enemies down before they reach your village.

2. Mortar

Mortars will do a lot of damage and most importantly is that the damage is an area of effect (AOE) one, meaning that it will attack the surrounding units near the attacked target. They will hit hard packs of Barbarians, Goblins and Archers, and they will mostly die after only two hits. Upgrade only one Mortar at a time, because when you upgrade the Mortar, it will be unable to defend your village, being inactive.

3. Wizard Tower

Other great defensive buildings are the Wizard Towers. They also do splash damage and they are hitting faster than the Mortars. They can bring down Goblins fast but are very effective against Archers or Barbarians as well.

4. Archer Towers

Even if this tower does only single target damage, it attacks pretty fast and has a decent damage. In addition, this tower attacks both ground and air troops.

5. Cannons

You will want to upgrade the cannons because their range is shorter than Archer Tower’s range, and they attack only ground units.



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