Clash of Clans – Best Tips and Tricks in Building Your Village

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In Clash of Clans is very important the way you build your village and how you place the buildings inside of it. You will want to have a well protected base in order to not let others steal the resources you farmed so much for. In the same time, a well protected village will keep your Trophy range high.

Today we’re going to tell you more about how to build your village and things that you should do or you shouldn’t.

Things you should do

One of the things that most of the new players ignore is the Wall. You should know that the walls will end up being your most important defensive buildings from your village. These walls not only protect your village, but they slow down the attackers, which let your cannons, archer towers, etc. to give damages to your enemies.

However, you will never be able to protect all your buildings. Some of the buildings that can be left outside of the walls are: Dark Barracks, Army Camps, Barracks, Laboratory, Spell Factory and Builder’s Huts. Elixir collectors, Dark Elixir drills and Gold mines can be left outside, but if these buildings are pretty high in level and hold a lot of resources, you want to keep them behind your walls.

Cannons and Archer Towers should be placed somewhere in the middle of your village, in order to protect as many buildings as they can. Another reason is to protect them a bit from the enemy troops and not be the first buildings that the troops will attack. This will buy them more time to destroy the attacking troops.

Keep in mind that the enemies will be able to spawn on natural obstacles such as trees, rocks, etc. In order to avoid that, try to wipe the obstacles that stay in your way, so you can build the walls.

There are two main types of bases that are used in Clash of Clans. The common one is the defensive base, which focuses on protecting the Town Hall, and you should place it in the middle, where is well-protected. That’s when you aim to gain Trophies without losing any of them, if you are being raided.

The other one is when you farm for resources and you want to have them well-protected. This base will have the resource storages in the center of the base and the Town Hall will be somewhere outside the base. While you will think that this strategy has no sense, we tell you that it has. You will most likely find some player who farms for Trophies and will only destroy your Town Hall and he will go away without even touching your resources. Not to mention that you will gain a free shield and this will prevent other players from attacking you.

What you should NOT do

A lot of mistakes are made by many Clash of Clans players and we will give you some examples about what to NOT do while playing this nice game.

Do not use one single line of walls. This mistake is usually made by a lot of players and if you think that you can protect your village with a single line of walls, you are wrong. It’s useless to have a single line of walls because it can be knocked down very fast and as soon as you have a hole in your walls, all the enemy troops will enter your base and tear it apart. We know that at a low level you can’t buy many walls, but as your village extends, you will want to keep your important buildings behind two lines of upgraded walls.

Another common mistake is that many players are spreading out and build too many buildings. Even if it creates a larger spawn denial zone that doesn’t help you too much. The enemies will spawn farther away, but they will most likely hit buildings without being attacked. Make your base as compact as you can, put your important buildings behind the walls, and your defensive buildings in a way that they can protect each building.

Do not try to put your village in a corner of the map because that will not help you, since the enemy will be able to spawn inside the base, avoiding your walls.

Do NOT upgrade your Town Hall too soon. You will want to upgrade your Town Hall only AFTER you upgraded all the other buildings. First, it’s because you will most likely be attacked by stronger enemies and the second reason is because of the loot penalty you get if you are attacking someone who has a lower Town Hall than yours.

Play with the base layout

Every time you are being defeated, you will want to look at the battle log and see how your enemy destroyed your base. After that, see how you can fix your weak spots or try looking on Supercell forums and find a good village layout that suits your play style.


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