Clash of Clans – Best Strategy Guide For Defending Resources, Buildings, Walls and Clan

Clash of Clans is one of the most played strategic games on mobile devices. To succeed in this game, you will need a good strategy while investing a good amount of time in it also.

How to not get attacked

One of the best ways to prevent from being attacked is to not make your attacker be interested in you.


The main reason why most of the players attack is because of the resources. So, try to spend your resources before you gather too many and draw other players’ attention. You can spend gold by instantly upgrading your walls or by removing obstacles when you have a builder available. To waste elixirs, you can either research for something in the Laboratory or buy decorations. Keep in mind that the resources that are not collected from the Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines can be stolen. Another way that you can spend resources is by queuing troops even if your camps are full; research or buy bombs and spring traps.

Protecting your resources

Don’t make the Elixir storage and Gold Storage to be accessible to your attackers. Place them in the middle of the base and protect them with your defensive buildings. At the same time, do not let a significant amount of resources on your Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines.

Making your village look difficult to raid

You will want to upgrade your walls as high as you can, in order to make the players think twice if they want to attack you or not. Keep in mind that these walls will end up being your best defenses later in the game.

Village Layouts

We will tell you about 3 different types of village layouts that are most used in Clash of Clans.

  1. You will place your defenses and storages behind the walls and the rest, outside of the walls. This layout is very weak to giants and once they destroy your wall, they will be able to go for all your defenses without any problem. At the same time, this layout is very weak to goblins, since once they get inside, they will rush for your resources and they will mostly outrun the splash damage. You will most likely win the battle with the goblins, but they will take all your resources.
  2. Another layout is when you place the Town Hall in the center of your village and you surround every defense building that is placed near it with 4×4 walls. This layout is good against giants, because the walls will slow them down. However, this layout is very vulnerable to an army consisting of Giants + Archers, where Giants will take the damage for Archers and the Archers will destroy the defensive buildings very fast.
  3. This layout is mostly likely the 2nd variant we told you above, but instead of covering with walls each defensive unit, you will now be covering 2-3 structures. This way, you will use your walls more efficiently, allowing more buildings to be placed behind the walls. This kind of layout is very common in the early levels because of the lack of walls that you have then.

More tips and tricks

Upgrading your defensive buildings

Do not upgrade all your defensive buildings at the same time, because while they are being upgraded, they won’t be able to attack your invaders.

Buildings in front of your walls

A lot of players are farming for trophies also, and many who think that will get 1 star by destorying 50% of your buildings, without having to deploy many troops they will go for it. To avoid this, try to put the buildings that are outside the walls close to each other and, at the same time, near the walls.

Messing with Wall Breakers

Wall breakers are the worst enemies for your walls and they are mostly used in combination with walls. Here are a few ways that can mess these nasty troops with bombs.

Decoy walls can be used to distract wall breakers since they will need firstly to attack those (in case they are close to your real walls). They can also attract barbarians and archers in order to take damage from wizard towers or mortars.

Upgrading walls

You should constantly upgrade your walls, because as we told you above, these will end up being your best defense that will slow your attackers down. Also, do not place walls around your Town Hall, because if an enemy gets there, your village is probably destroyed anyway. You will want to firstly upgrade the walls that are near your defensive buildings which will most likely be attacked by giants.

Traps Placing

The way you will place your traps will play a big role on how a raid will go. Do not place them in a predictable spot, because the one who attacks you will send 1-2 troops in there and will try to trigger it.

Clan Castle

The troops inside your Clan Castle will be deployed when your enemy’s troops will enter the range of the Clan Castle. Then, the troops will be able to jump over the walls and will attack the enemy. Try to place the Clan Castle somewhere near the defensive buildings so in that way the troops will be supported by the defensive buildings and you will crush your enemy faster.

However, keep in mind that your troops can be killed by your own spring traps in case the enemy triggers them while your troops are standing on them. However, they will not take any damage from bombs or giant bombs if they are near them.


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