Clash of Clans – Best Offensive Strategy Of The Year

If you are a player who wants to earn a lot of trophies and crush enemies, then this is the guide you’ve been looking for. By using this strategy you won’t care much about the layout of your village, but instead you will care more about what you need to upgrade.

Two things you should know

1. Your defense will be very weak and you will not be able to defend your village very well. However, you will quickly earn back the trophies you lost.
2. To make this strategy work well, you will have to be a very active. If you go offline for too long you will lose many trophies, because your village is too weak in defense.

Getting started

An offensive player will always have to know the importance of the buildings and he should always know what to upgrade. Here are the buildings that you would want to defend, from the most important to the less important one:

1. Town Hall
2. Army Camp
3. Barracks
4. Elixir Storage
5. Elixir Collector
6. Defensive buildings
7. Walls
8. Rest of the buildings

Even if your village has a very weak defense, you should not care much because an enemy destroys it completely. You will get a 12 hour shield in case they destroy the Town Hall or if 40% of your village is destroyed. In case 90% of your village is destroyed, you will get a 16 hours shield. During this time, nobody will be able to attack you, but keep in mind that as soon as you attack another player, the shield will be removed.

You will want to put your Town Hall in the center of your village and surround it with elixir collectors and elixir storages around it. The other buildings are not that important so you will want to put them outside of the walls. You can also put some defensive buildings around it, in order to defend it, but most of the time they will fail on defending them.

What to upgrade when using this Strategy

1. Elixir

You use elixir to train your troops and because of that, this is the most important resource for you. You will want to have your collectors up to level 10 and at least one of the elixir storages leveled up to the highest level the Town Hall lets it.

2. Barracks

Barracks are the buildings where your troops are trained and where you gain access to the new ones. You will want to upgrade these ones, because it is important to have an army with many kinds of troops. This way, you will have more strategies and you will be able to destroy any kind of village layout.

3. Army Camps

Army camps are where all the trained troops will go to. As an offensive player, you will want to have as many army camps and as possible upgraded in order to keep as many troops as possible. Keep in mind that if someone attacks your army camp and it has troops in it, you will mostly lose all your troops from there.

4. Laboratory

This building will allow you to upgrade your army and it will play a very important role. When you upgrade a unit, it will gain more hp, attack, etc. After you upgrade your army camps, try to research units to the highest possible level.

5. Town Hall

Don’t care much about the Town Hall level until all the rest of the buildings mentioned above are upgraded to the max level that TH allows.

6. Gold Storage and Gold Mines

These two will be important as the Town Hall levels up and its costs will get really high. When this happens, you will want to have as many gold mines as you can have and upgrade to level 6-8. As for the gold storage, you will want to upgrade them as much as you need to get your Town Hall upgraded.

More Tips

1. Try keeping your Town Hall level as low as possible but with high offensive buildings. You want to do this in order to attack players with the same TH level, which will mostly have a very low defensive village that you will destroy with a few troops.

2. Here is when you will get stars when attacking a village:

  •  You will get 1 star when you destroy the Town Hall
  •  You will get 1 star when you will destroy 100% of the village
  •  You will get 1 star if you destroy the 50% of the village


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