Clash of Clans – Best Defense Strategy Ever Made

Clash of Clans is a MMO strategic game that was developed by Supercell. This game gained a lot fans right after its release. Clash of Clans is now one of the most played strategic MMO games on mobile devices and if you are new to the game or if you struggle defending your village, then you are in luck, because we’re going to tell you all you need to know about defending your village in Clash of Clans.

Creating a good defense

In order to have a good defense, you will firstly have to focus on constantly building and upgrading your defensive structures. Keep in mind that the Archer Towers are better than Cannons, because they will be able to target air and ground units, a thing that cannons can’t do. So, firstly, you will want to upgrade your Archer Towers in order to increase their damage, but keep in mind that while the defensive structures are in the upgrade stage, they will not be able to shoot.

Placing bombs in the right spots

Bombs might seem to be useless at first, but if you place them in some strategic spots, you will give a huge damage to many units. Once a bomb is triggered, you will need to rearm it. You will want to place bombs somewhere you think that the enemy will not expect them to be. Usually, experienced players will send only one unit ahead to check the field and see if there are any traps there, so if you place them somewhere where your enemy expects them to be, you will probably damage only one unit, instead of 10+.

Giant bombs

These kinds of bombs can be very good, but at the same time they very expensive and sometimes they will fail doing damage to multiple targets. They will be available after you get your Town Hall to level 6, but these are not even close to your best defensive structures.

Spring Traps

These nasty traps can mess up with high HP troops also, since once triggered they will throw off your village all the troops that are on them.


Cannons can be useful in defending your village, and you will want to upgrade them in order to increase their firepower, but as your Archer Towers, they will not be able to shoot while they are upgrading.


Mortars will offer a great defense, that will do splash damage to your enemies. They can too shoot low life troops, such as Archers. However, Mortars can be encountered by high hp troops such as Giants.

Air Defense

The Air Defense costs a lot to upgrade, but at high levels, when your enemy will start sending Balloons, you will be happy that you upgraded them. Balloons will have no chance against your Air Defense building, and they will start falling like mosquitoes.

Hidden Tesla

Hidden Tesla is a defensive building which is invisible until the enemy is in its attack range and when it will start shooting, making it visible. However, an experienced player will be able to guess where this building is, because he will see an empty space inside your village.


When your Town Hall reaches level 9, you will be able to build an X-bow, which is a rapid bolt firing. This building can attack ground and air units, so as soon as your Town Hall is at level 9, you will want to start building it.


One of your best defenses will still be your walls. Keep in mind that for building and upgrading your walls, a worker will not be needed. The walls will always slow down your enemies, giving your defensive buildings time to deal damage to the attackers.

Layout Strategy

Attackers will usually aim to destroy your Town Hall, in order to get at least one star, so you will want to put your TownHall somewhere in the middle of the village, so this will make it the most protected building. Unnecessary buildings such as builder huts, barracks etc. will be kept outside of the walls but at the same time, close to the walls. This way, you will make your attackers destroy the unnecessary buildings before they reach your walls and only after they will break the walls, they will be able to reach your important buildings. Until they do that, your defensive buildings will most likely destroy most of the troops and you will win the battle.

However, sometimes you will feel that you need to protect more your resources rather than your trophies. This is when you will put your TownHall outside of the walls, in order to make the trophy hunters to destroy the TownHall and leave the battle after that without touching your resources.


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